Roger Babson Riddle Video From Thomas Soucy

Thomas writes-

Located in Cape Ann Massachusetts there exists a ghost town called “Dog Town”. In that wooded area there exists an unusual hiking trail that includes viewing about 30 boulders that have carved inscriptions.

Roger Babson (1875 – 1967), a descendant of the Dog Town hamlet’s earliest settlers was a founder of three colleges, eccentric and moralizer. He even spent time trying to discover ways to defeat gravity…

Source: Dog Town a Village Lost in Time by Thomas Dresser

As a ‘moralizer’ Babson hired out of work quarry people to carve sayings on boulders in Dog Town. The appearance of the carved boulders seemingly has no pattern. But after some thought we discern three groupings: ideals, ideas to implement them and truths.

  • The ‘ideals’ are: Integrity, Loyalty, Industry, Spiritual Power, Initiative, Intelligence and Kindness.
  • The Ideas put forward to implement the ideals are shown after each Ideal boulder.
  • Also the truths, when appropriate, are shown.

As a ‘moralizer’ Babson left us with a riddle. What is he telling us by his legacy of boulder inscriptions in Dog Town (a modern day ghost town)?

During his life he tried to find ways to “defeat gravity”. Hatred is gravity. Hope, faith and love are uplifting or anti-gravity (as are his wonderful sayings)!

What follows is a video that depicts the Babson Boulders:

here is a pdf to go with it-

Roger Babson Riddle PDF






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