Here’s a photo I just so happened to have taken from the roof of the Coast Guard Station yesterday of the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church steeple.


The Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church is inviting nominations from the public for its 2011 Community Recognition Awards. The church seeks to recognize up to 10 individuals for the contributions they make to their community – people who do what they do without thought of any remuneration or recognition.

The men and women who receive these honors will come from all walks of life. Some are known for simple deeds they do for their neighbors; others are honored for giving generously to the entire community. All have made a mark on Gloucester and will be chosen because their actions embody the best of the spirit that guides Unitarian Universalism: open-hearted giving to others, solely for what those gifts mean, for no pay, and often with little or no public notice. There are no age limits.

Nominations are due no later than Friday, April 15. They must be in writing and include the name of the nominee, why this person should be honored, and the name and phone number of the person making the nomination. They should be sent to the Gloucester UU Church, 10 Church St. , Gloucester MA 01930 , or emailed to

Final choices will be made by the church’s Social Justice Committee. The awards will be made at a public event at the church on Friday, May 20.

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