“Art, Rocks!” 03.27.2011

Thanks to my Son Chris for dropping off the “Art, Rock” this morning. At this moment he’s watching the time on His Ipod. At exactly 10am He will release the Rock where he was instructed to do so. Here are a few Photos. Sorry about the out of focus Rock photo. It’s hard doing things with only your left hand when your right handed.





  • I really love your Art Rocks! What a wonderfully optimistic project!


  • I love them too! Please keep it going! I hope to find one someday (maybe even this Spring or Summer!!!!


  • Thanks Neta! I hope all is going well for you and Shahar!

    Thanks Jackie! My drawing arm may be out of commission for awhile. but will continue when it’s possible.


  • Paul, have you ever tried working with your non-dominant hand? might feel awkward, but you might find the work interesting.

    working with my non-dominant hand is one of my warm-up activities when i am having trouble getting started.



  • Oh oh Paul, I was planning on going down to my favorite place on Bass Rocks up by Ocean View Inn this summer. Well, maybe I will still find one some day. I love the job you do with the rocks.


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