Thursday Night Blues Jam @ The Rhumb Line to host Diane Blue

Thursday – March 24th – 9:00 to 12:00 ~ Dave Sag’s Blues Party with Diane Blue

Photo by Sharon Lowe

Some words from Dave himself,

Well, it was nice to have a week off, but, screw that; let’s get back to work. Jobs! That’s what we musicians need. Without this gig I’d have 10 less dollars a week to squander on foolishness, such as food.  Hope I don’t break a string.
I’ve been bending over backwards (and falling down a lot) to bring you the finest in sustainable egologically sound sound. No misprint, there. Thanx for your continual support. Let’s see what we have for you this time around….
Hmmm, by Jove, I think we got her. Yes, it’s a Done deal: After a long hiatus, let’s welcome back Ms. Diane Blue, Demiurge and Octomom of the Blues. Possibly my favorite frontperson, and a killer harmonicat, to boot. Sings like an angel, walks and talks, too. She’ll be dragging in her entire repertoire for your musical consideration. Make ya wanna dance. Me, I’m leaving the cane home , but I’m bringing my crozier!
Rounding off the ensemble we have the apoplectic Mr. John Hyde, jazz snob and loving husband, on keyboards and demented tri-tones. He just got his beret blocked…somebody  help me. We’re gonna have a shoe-tying contest at first break. Of course Greg T. and myself will be there. Behind the closed curtains will be  Mr. Roger Brocklebank, on skins and concussion, eating his way thru the entire menu. This’ll be a fun time. Wipe your chin and come on down!
On other fronts, I’ve been looking to update and enlarge my email list. Many of the addresses I have don’t work anymore. So, if you think of it, send me updated addresses, or names of friends who might like these mumbly missives. I don’t do FaceBook: I have enough friends who don’t need me to help them waste their time. And thanks to Good Morning Gloucester for printing my weeny rants. See Ya!

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