Gloucester Dog Park Approved at the City Council Meeting Last Night


design plans at



The proposed site of Gloucester’s first dog park is an under-utilized, overgrown section of Stage Fort Park. The topography, trees, and location make it an excellent choice to transform this virtually unused 2 acre site into a fantastic recreational area.

Dog Park Sections:

· Off-leash Large Dog Area – for large and small dogs comfortable around all large dogs.

· Off-leash Small Dog Area – for small dogs under 25 pounds

· Walking Path Area – on leash area for dogs that do better on leash and for people with strollers and young children.

· Special Needs & Training Area – for dogs not ready for the dog park and need special training and time to adjust. Also an area to hold training, education and adoption events.


  • Being a dog lover ~ pet lover ~ This is soooooo ludicrous ~ ridiculous, absurd! ^_^


  • So… I hope this means less off leash dogs in the rest of the park. (I fear that it will mean more.)


  • What an awesome plan for a place to train, exercise, play with and socialize your dog! I love the idea of a separate training area. You can tell the designer put a lot effort into minimizing the stressors that can lead to aggression between animals.


  • Coming from a place where a dog park was a communal situation for other dogs (and dog owners) to come together and enjoy common bonds, I think this is a great way for people to use the community to the benefit of all. Not everyone is a dog owner/lover and with the addition of the dog park, it provides a solution for those that have needs for their animal AND invites common curtosy regarding those that prefer we give our animals a proper place to run and be free. Oh, and before I forget…let’s remember to pick up the poop.


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