Equinox Egg Balance! from deb Clarke


from deb Clarke;

Equinox Egg Balance!

The rumor is you can only balance an egg on the equinox.  not quite the equinox, almost. this egg balanced until  the dishwasher changed cycles to rock’n roll.

can you balance an egg?  no salt.  this is not a bar trick.


  • This is the first year in over 20 that my egg would not stand up on the V.E. !!! I’m disappointed, it’s the “welcome” to spring I do. It stood 3 times briefly but wouldn’t stay. I thought maybe the Super Moon that night kept the yolk from settling to the bottom and balancing it. I always do it just as the “time line” passes over my area and it never fails, the egg quickly balances. I’ve never been able to do it on another day, I’ve tried…


  • wow anonymous, i thought this was just a family tradition of my bollenberg family. my daughter balanced her eggs on the night before the equinox. her eggs didn’t stay up for long either. usually they balance for the full 24 hours. my second egg only stayed up for 10 minutes, then the cat ate it off of the floor.



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