Restaurant News- Catch 22 Seaside Bistro Info


OK, this is what you need to know-

They are shooting for an April 1st opening.

It is owned by the same company that owns Espresso in East Gloucester but it will be operated as a stand alone restaurant under that company umbrella.

If you, like me had thoughts that this space was going to look like a dungeon inside let me tell you now that people are going to be blown away by the complete upscale renovation inside.   I obviously can’t speak to the food because it isn’t opened but they pulled out all the stops on the decor.  Money obviously was not an issue.

I was scratching my head when I heard that there was going to be another seafood restaurant in that area thinking that there was already a ton of restaurants in that area of Main/Rogers Street and that average just won’t cut it but let me tell you if the food and service are on par with the interior renovation they just may have a shot.

It takes balls to open a restaurant in the thick of at least a dozen great restaurants within a quarter of a mile radius.  They must feel good about their prospects in our beloved City.  They will be representing at Taste of Cape Ann Sponsored by the Gloucester Daily Times at Cruiseport Wednesday March 23rd.  I’ll be interested to talk to the chef and get their perspective on what they will be bringing to The Gloucester Table.

For more info about the Taste of Cape Ann Event at Cruiseport click here


  • It looks cute. I’ll definitely try it when they open.


  • Hi Joey. We just wanted to give your readers some recent feedback on Catch 22 Bistro. We were so happy to see their ad in the GDT that they would be open for Thanksgiving. That was our first visit there and it couldn’t have been better. Not only was the food fabulous but the whole team was fantastic. Melissa and Scott behind the bar and Chef Michelle working her magic. Couldn’t wait to get home and put on baggy sweat pants. We were totally over served with all of the food that Michelle was preparing that day. We had such a wonderful time that we took a couple back there the following Saturday. Once again another fantastic meal and service that really was second to none. Love the decor also- classy and cozy.
    I really hope that the place “catches” on. It’s well worth a visit.
    Kelly Walima
    East Gloucester


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