• Let me fill in the blanks as Joey the interview guy extraordinare failed to make an appearance. ” Life on the docks is what it is right….? ” My buddy at times cant event get out for a few hours…No worries I was on the scene to witness the best Derby bout in two years for Boston Massacre. Thats right Steel City Vs. Boston Massacre was amazing right from the start. Lots of energy and I will post a Youtube link so you can see some early hits….I also found one online of the final victory lap. In a dramatic ending Boston Massacre won and the fans went absolutely bananas. After talking to Feev’s on the sidelines a GMG favorite she expressed how excited she was to skate against a new team. Not only that they are going on the road soon to ME for the first ever bout in Portland 4/23/11. Combine that with allot of new faces this year and you get the picture. Lots of energy and I’m Really exited about the coming bouts…The rest of the stuff remains the same at these events. Cold beer, warm cheeseburgers, great atmosphere, and a kick in the pants delicious cupcakes. By Kickass Cupcakes from Somerville of course. I’m so fat I ate like three. Now after I blabbered on a bit this is the numbers but in no way do the explain how fun it was….I dont want to add but I have to…..How Wicked Pissahs trounced the Nutcrackers and Anita Bangher was on fire. I guess sometimes you have a off day as some sports team do have. Maybe it was that dang mascot with the wings running around that drove the Wicked Pissah energy through the roof. I know for sure the Nutcrackers will work on the game before their next bout. The bottom two links are the start and finish..I also have a couple for Wicked Pissahs Vs. Nutcrackers.

    First Jam

    Last Jam

    Joey add this under the title after you read it over…..I was at Roller Derby WINNING!


  • MVP’s I should also mention this…

    Anita Bangher (Wicked Pissahs)
    Speed Metal (Nutcrackers)
    Maura Buse (Boston Massacre)
    The Shocker (Steel City)

    MVP of the night would have to be Speed Metal she was a skating machine!!!!


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