I’m Hurt! and somebody’s gotta pay!

I’m Hurt! and somebody’s gotta pay! and it will probably be Joey! Being left off his Twitter list is an insult! How dare you? No “Art, Rocks!” for you! only for someone who follows my twitter account! http://twitter.com/#!/capeannpainter

Follow if you’d like a Free piece of Art! You’ll have to do some leg work to collect it.  but you have to be one of my Twitter followers. Goodluck! Next rock coming very soon.


  • The Rock Nazi is alive!


    • LMAO! You got it Swimdad! I needed to be prodded awake! This may have done it! and Linn I Live to break his Cajones! 🙂 please, no need to stick up for him. I really do love that guy . St joesphs is my families holiday too! 🙂 thanks for following me. and sorry for the harsh language of the Dock. 🙂


  • Paul, don’t beat on the boy too badly as the list was only the tourism-related tweeters that I could fit on a half page- yup, I put the list together- and I’m following you 🙂
    Now- the “list” Joey tweeted about today? Your call!
    Keep in mind that tomorrow is his Saint’s day though!
    Linn @DscvrGlstr


  • I love you, Paul! 🙂


  • Oh Paul, I was just ready to feel sorry for you & tell you that if I had twitter, I would put you on my list but then I heard the reason ( you know who ) didn’t put you on his list & I guess you will have to forgive the guy.


  • :-))
    Thanks for “Art, Rocks” and the Blue Shutters Beachside Inn is now the proud owner of the March 20th (Spring Art, Rocks!) found at Good Harbor Beach. Thousands of guests/visitors/friends/family will now see that “Art, Rocks” and will get the story. You have added value to our Inn and our island. Keep up the great effort. ALOHA!!!


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