Do St Joseph’s Novena With Sefatia Tonight!

Sefatia invited us to go to all the city the Novenas tonight in a Novena Crawl (think bar crawl without the booze but with some killer food)

sefatia writes-

Good Gorning Gloucester for all your readers… Every year besides praying the Novena of St. Joseph I take a group around the night before like the old tradition to see the altar’s in

Gloucester we go to about 8 houses sing, chant Viva Jesus, Maria, Giuseppe, then we get our bread, lemon, orange you get to see the women/men make the home made pasta, some house still have it drying on the cords. You get to feel the culture and tradition hands on.. anyone can come the more the better its an honor, we meet at the Fitz H Lane parking lot around 5 we are usually done by 8 and we care pool so people who don’t drive no problem hope to see some of you there.. Sefatia

One comment

  • How great to see Dean Snell on GMG. I am a big fan. He repaired an ancient chair for me and did an amazing job. Your pix of his place and his work are awesome 🙂


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