Cape Ann Twitter Folk and Joey’s List

Here is a list of local twitter folk. (another attempt to pull our community kicking and screaming into the current century)

I’m determined damnit!

If you have tried twitter but just don’t get it, it may be because you may have set up an account and don’t follow anyone and no one was following you, in which case then twitter is basically useless.  That would be the equivalent of screaming in the forest and no one hearing you.

Start out by following the tweets of the people listed below. You enter them into your follow list and  then you can get an idea of what is going on around you.  Engage the people on this list if you have questions or want to give them props for a service or meal or activity they provided.  If you don’t already have a twitter account go here- and get one for free.  Then add in the users you see below.  You will have a great idea of what is going on around you and when there is some type of emergency around town 9 times out of 10 you will get the answer on twitter before you will anywhere else.  That is if you are following a bunch of local folks.

My suggestion is to follow all of these people even though they might not seem to be in your particular line of work or seem to have the same interests as you.  To have only 3 or 4 people in your twitter universe is pretty pointless.  you can always unfollow people if their tweets are boring to you or obnoxious.


@Joey_C  @DscvrGlstr   @WickedLocal  @Gloucester_MA  @CapeAnnsFinest @blue_shutters  @7SeasWhaleWatch   @EssexCruises  @MayorKirk @Woodmans_Essex  @AlchemyBistro  @captbillandsons @JoeB_Hemoglobin
@CapeAnnBrewing  @CapeAnnArtHaven  @minglewoodtav @TriAndDuit @melissaabbott @NSMusicTheatre @audreysflowers  @USCGNewEngland @NorthShoreDish  @WhaleCenter  @gpgloucester  @TheActiveDad @Paulinesgifts  @TSapienza  @schmap  @BostonArts  @masscultural @BeanLeafCafe  @freshnewengland  @DawnTheresa@HA TheatreWorks
@GDTnews  @MLayneCreative  @CovetedYarn  @DogBarGlo
@CapeAnnLanes  @MassWhales  @CapeAnnOnline @glazedceramics @FarmBarGrille  @RockportMusic  @SeaportGrille  @CapePondIce @CaptJoeLobster @EssexHeritage  @YankeeCapts @LaProv @againandagainbags  @BostonLogan @latfortythree  @CapeAnnCinema @HistoricNE @SEASIDECYCLE  @CapeAnnSymphony  @EssexMusicFest @VisitMA  @SchAdventure  @bostoncalendar  @PlacesMA @SamOnTravel
@HuffPostTravel @Braincandyproj TheCapeAnn EJCIII

BWilliamsStudio KgentileRoberts charlesdgb

rlsartsECGreenbeltStevenFletch @JMcElhenny @NorthShoreDish @@kidns @SamanthaRSPR @LocalGingerNS @heather_atwood @lilylinqs @mkpfilos89 ArtsGloucester @TheRovingHome @5thjoy @baitandtackle @2palaver @glosta @laurielufkin @MoneyMindfulnes @AliciaPensarosa @mbcf @vintagerockport @andreasoldier @abbielundberg @rlsarts @ryanpjm @Toodeloos @debclarkeglosta @kathleen01930 @capeannpainter

If anyone has been left out it is not by design.  This is basically a copy and paste job from the twitter list of Linn. let me know if you want to be added and I missed you and I’ll add you right in ASAP.  You can always unfollow people so my suggestion to you is to follow all of these people and if the tweets that they put out are of absolutely no interest to you simply unfollow them with the click of a button.

You can also very easily look at my list of local Cape Ann Twitter Folk here and simply go down the list and click on their names and then click follow- Joey’s Local Twitter List If you don’t see yourself on my local list tweet me and I’ll add you in.


  • @laurielufkin


  • @mbcf if you want to read my tweets about biotechnology, feel free to “unfollow” if you do not get biotech jokes I will not be offended.


  • My last three tweets are a perfect example of how low I will stoop to get people to click on my GMG stories. All three links go to my same photos of green waves story. Since I am followed by a bunch of science nerds any post with “naked” in it gets clicked. Blowing a seal is actually just a harmless joke about transmission trouble. These tweets also underline Joey’s advice about not tweeting or blogging because you might do something embarrassing. I got over that a long time ago.
    mbcf Paul T Morrison DFCI
    The naked Sirens wet seductresses
    13 Mar
    mbcf Paul T Morrison DFCI
    I blow a seal photo.
    13 Mar
    mbcf Paul T Morrison DFCI
    I see scrunchified naked green eyed ladies
    13 Mar


  • I hope that once people add all these folks in that they can see how it can be beneficial as a communications tool.
    I use Tweetdeck to keep twitter lists. It is a free download and is an app I use on my desktop daily.


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