Jenn Cullen Coast Guard Pic

Hey Joey,
I moved down the Fort in January, loving it so far, especially the view,
but can’t wait for the nice weather.  I took this pic from my phone while
looking out my kitchen window this morning…are they stuck or just hanging
out?  They’ve been there at least an hour.


Hmm, Jenn, I’ doubt they are stuck but I’ve never seen the black hulled Coast Guard boat in the Harbor.  I wonder what purpose this boat is used for.  Maybe our friends the Lubbers who are Coasties will chime in and educate us.


  • Judging from the picture I’d say it is a buoy repair boat working on the “no wake” buoy.


  • Black hulled Coast Guard boats are buoy tenders. They are responsible for maintaining aids to navigation. They are likely working on one of the markers in the harbor.


  • Ah! Pete hit it right on the nose! They are buoy tenders…this one was out there for a while working at the end of Dog Bar and a few others. This boat has a really neat thruster(?) system….if the Coasties are working on a buoy, they turn on the special thrusters and it keeps the boat in exactly that place. I think its a really pretty boat when its lit up at night!


  • Your all right they are bouy tenders ; this one of the smaller ones used in harbors and light ice breaking duties. There are also much larger ones which work on aids to navagations on off shore locations, such as weather bouys scattered inside our 200 mile limit,and heavy ice breaking. Note the coast guard use to have manned lightships that had a large beacon on deck like a lighthouse stationed out side of large harbors as a guide to ocean going vessels off many locations up and down our coast,now replaced with very large bouys that give off a radio single that is seen in a vessels RADAR.


  • Thanks all for the enlightening information! You are the best.



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