• Hey If you spent the winter outside like that poor bastard had to would you look any better? Springs on the way!


  • Looks like he’s trying to become one of those hairless cats. Must be chilly. At least he has tail fur left to wrap around himself at night.


  • Poor little baby! Sad to see.


  • Well foe heavens sake, feed him. Then maybe his hair will grow back. Or maybe we can send him to that place where they implant hair in your head. Yeah, that’s the ticket.


  • Think Food Chain: It must be a smart and elusive one to still be around. Do not eat the sickly looking ones.
    When I was 6,7 & 8, 50 years ago, unplanned, Slug used to have us walk the tracks up Dogtown for an over night. Built lean-to’s for shelter. We would “bump into” different Gents along the way. We saw Mr. Todd shoot Pheasent, Mr. Gleason snap-trap and snare “critters”. People did that back then. We picked Blueberries (low bush), fished in the “Res”, drank from the springs that fed the “Res”, dug roots for tea, etc. Slug shot squirrels with a .22 and we preped roasted and ate’em. 30 years later I realized these depression era and WW II vets were actually giving us survival skills. One constant message: do not eat the Sickly looking ones. PS. Curiously I am now trying to survive and make a living with the distillery on the apron land up Dogtown.


    • Bob – we are barely surviving down my way -the Reading store where I would procure your product ran out a while back!! Help! Any chance they might be restocked?


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