Did You Know (Harp Seal, Part 3)

For those GMG readers who may not have seen this response to my Harp seal post, and have encountered or may encounter a harp seal, Mendy from the National Marine Fisheries Service writes:

Hi E.J., thank you for posting your great photos! I am the regional Marine Mammal Health and Stranding Response Coordinator for NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service. I wanted to chime in an let you (and the GMG readers) know that we are documenting an increase number of adult harp seals this year, not just in MA, but along the eastern seaboard down to NC. We haven’t seen this number of adult harp seals for almost 10-years. While this particular seal looks healthy and happy, I do encourage folks to report any sightings or strandings to our local network partner, The Whale Center of New England (978-281-6351). NOAA, in collaboration with a network of organizations, document sightings and stranding trends to monitor the population’s health and distribution. Check out our website for more information: http://www.nero.noaa.gov/prot_res/stranding/.


  • In that link is some good advice given to me when I found a stressed out seal in Hoop Pole Cove. Try not to stress the seal out. It might be beached because it needs a rest. If you get too close it might swim away before it can get that rest. Keep dogs and people away. Photograph from a distance as you did with the Harp Seal.


  • Where is Hoop Pole Cove? That sounds like an interesting place to check out. Do they play basketball there?


    • Hoop Pole Cove is the dent in the shore in between Halibut Point and Andrews Point. Not much basketball around those parts. Never have found out the origin of the name. I am willing to bet it has more to do with the child’s game of rolling a hoop with a stick. Maybe some kid in the 1700s rolled his hoop down Haven Ave and into the drink.


  • Hey E.J. Thank you for your great posts from in and around Cape Ann-and thank you for the good words re my blog. If you would, please send me your email address to kimsmithdesigns@hotmail.com.


  • harp seal be furry but then they get smooove^.^


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