Did You Know (Harp Seal Part 2)

I forgot to mention in my post yesterday about Harp seals, that this one was basking on a dock on Lobster Cove, and he was spotted by the eagle eyes of Martha Bentley of Annisquam.  I had been wanting to get a shot of a harp seal ever since I had seen one on the ice behind Richdale’s one day when I didn’t have my camera with me.  I was really thrilled to see this one so close up, and grateful to Martha for spotting him, coming to tell me about him, and going with me to check him out.

E.J. Lefavour


  • I loved this photo. Once again, GMG helps me feel the heartbeat of Cape Ann.


  • Hi E.J., thank you for posting your great photos! I am the regional Marine Mammal Health and Stranding Response Coordinator for NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service. I wanted to chime in an let you (and the GMG readers) know that we are documenting an increase number of adult harp seals this year, not just in MA, but along the eastern seaboard down to NC. We haven’t seen this number of adult harp seals for almost 10-years. While this particular seal looks healthy and happy, I do encourage folks to report any sightings or strandings to our local network partner, The Whale Center of New England (978-281-6351). NOAA, in collaboration with a network of organizations, document sightings and stranding trends to monitor the population’s health and distribution. Check out our website for more information: http://www.nero.noaa.gov/prot_res/stranding/.


  • Hi Mendy,
    Thanks so much for your post. It is great information for the many Cape Anners who have encountered Harp seals this winter. I personally had never seen one in the wild and was thrilled for the encounter, and very surprised to see one this far south.


  • Hi E.J.,
    A few years ago, in June, my husband and I were kayking and I saw this seal sleeping on this big rock, near the Annisquam River, Light House. I got the picture!!


  • Hi Anita,
    I’d love to see it. People I talk to around Annisquam say that they don’t see seals, although I’ve seen harbor seals on a number of occasions, and then the grand prize of seeing the harp seal right in Lobster Cove. To see one on the rocks at Annisquam Light would be really cool.


  • Anita Coullard Dziedzic

    Good Morning E.J.
    I have tried to up load the seal picture but I am doing something wrong.(:
    Help LOL


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