Did You Know (Plum Cove Beach and Sven Ohrvel Carlson)

Fall Plum Cove Beach Photo and Summer Painting by Sven Ohrvel Carlson

That this tiny peaceful beach with its beautiful panoramic view, is located on Washington Street in the Lanesville section of Gloucester? The waters are calm and perfect for small children. Parking is limited and requires a Beach Sticker. From a diver’s perspective – Plum Cove is often diveable when many other sites are weathered out. Depth ranges from 10 to 20 feet and there is a small reef outside the cove just off the right point (facing the ocean).

This is late fall photo of Plum Cove Beach, together with a lovely summer watercolor painting titled Plum Cove Beach by Sven Ohrvel Carlson (1911-2006).  Mr. Carlson, who was also a sculptor, a professional jazz and classical violinist who played with the Cape Ann Symphony, a composer, and a poet.  He died on August 22, 2006 of prostate cancer at Addison Gilbert Hospital in Gloucester.  He was 95. 


  • Your description of the underwater landscape off Plum Cove beach reminds me that spring is approaching, E.J. We often dive near Plum Cove when the wind is from the south. The cove’s flatness makes for good visibility and there are lots of critters to video in the area to the left of the beach and out a ways. Did you know that the mansion on those rocks to the left is owned by Jim Davis, the former CEO of New Balance? I think he’s still chairman of their Board of Directors. One of our crew members worked for him until recently and often offered to house sit for him, if needed.


  • I wouldn’t mind house sitting for him. I’ve never dived myself, except snorkel and mask, but grew up in a family diving business with a father who started diving long before I was born. Maybe I should try it so I can see the underwater side of Cape Ann.


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