Did You Know? (The Book)

That I am interested in people’s thoughts about a Did You Know book?  Admired and respected fellow GMG contributor, Manny Simoes, has been encouraging me to do a book of my Did You Know posts; so I have put together the design, and am interested in knowing what GMG readers and other contributors think about it, before I go to the expense of having it printed.  It would be a 5.5×8.5 full color bound soft cover book containing 39 of my (and hopefully other people’s) favorite GMG posts and images (photos and paintings), and based on printing costs would sell for $20.  The cover and a couple of example pages are shown here.  I respect the opinions and feedback of the greater GMG universe, so would like to know if people think it’s a silly idea, or if you think it looks like something you might buy or think others would buy.  Artists always have to be innovative, coming up with new ways to pay the bills so they can continue creating while waiting for those wealthy patrons to come along and discover them, and none of us can afford to make expensive mistakes, so your input would be greatly appreciated.  If you would like to see the book in its entirety, you can go to http://www.khanstudiointernational.com/did%20you%20know%20book.htm. Thanks so much, EJ

E.J. Lefavour



  • Listen to Manny and just do it. Your layout is great. Sprinkle your paintings through the book and you have a best seller.

    Here is a do you know that you need to track down. Da Man at CAO posted an 1889 article about the naming of Pigeon Cove. John who lived on the hill made great pies. He was known as “Pie-John” and so the hill was “Pie-John Hill”.

    But my family calls BS on that one. Sounds corny but I like saying I live in Piejohn Cove.


  • I always love reading your posts about places on Cape Ann—-I want to learn as much as I can about my favorite spot on Earth! I think you should do the book. People will be very interested in it and during the summer season, the tourists will snatch it up at all the book-selling venues! The format looked really nice!


  • It’s great! I was pleasantly surprised. I think I’d buy a couple anyway.


  • Cynthia Kennedy Sam

    To tell the truth, being a 70 + yr Annisquamite, your “Do You Know” posts are what I always read FIRST every night when the GMG email arrives in my mailbox.
    Your photos are excellent, the information interesting and well researched.
    The only suggestion I might make for the book would be to select particularly your sea or landscapes, local history and art for the photos/facts to include. Go for it!
    And many thanks for your postings…which warm us during this long, cold winter.


  • great idea! your posts are really interesting. go for it


  • EJ, I think its a great idea and I’m willing to bet our local book stores would carry it.
    As I’ve said before, in your “Did You Know” series you many times report interesting tidbits I never knew.
    Go For It!


  • I am a also a big fan of DYK, I guess I just like knowing stuff, so probably other people do too. If I were contemplating publishing such a book, I think I’d make up a couple of galleys and take them around to the places where they might be sold, The Bookstore, Weathervane, etc. Those people will have a better idea than most about what will sell and what price the market can bear. Good luck, EJ, I hope it flies for you.


  • Thank you all so much. Between the posts and personal email responses I’ve gotten, which included some great suggestions, and ideas for future posts, as well as an overwhelmingly positive response to the idea, once I finish finetuning it, I’ll give it a whirl. I knew I could count on GMGers for honest, intelligent, and invaluable input. Have I said recently how blessed I feel to be here on Cape Ann and a part of the GMG family?


  • Very professional ~ very creative ~ Go for it! ~ namaste, Carol ^_^


  • Go for it! I love your paintings throughout it.


  • EJ, If you have a wholesale or commission price, please put a dozen copies aside for me to sell out of our store at Ryan & Wood Distillery. I think it would do well here.


  • Yes, Yes, Yes!!


  • EJ, Your research is wonderful, and always a learning device or reknewing of old information stored in the vault!! Wish you the best, and I agree that your illustrations, photos or paintings, will be a bonus to this publication. You can set up a table at the Sea Fare in July, the Exchange would sell copies – best of luck.


  • Howard Anderson

    Yes!!! Go for it! I visit from Minnesota every year and would buy one for myself, and a couple for my family.

    Love your posts. Keep up the great work!


  • I love your posts to the blog.
    It adds a deep dimension of flavor to the GMG blog soup pot.

    If you publish such a book I will buy it!


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