“ART, ROCKS!” Gloucester

It’s Located in Gloucester, somewhere.

Sorry that’s your only GMG Hint!

Enjoy the the Day.

Take a Walk Maybe you’ll stumble on it!

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The Sketch the Rock sits on has nothing to do with it's Location.



  • I saw your tweet and it was a fire drill out the door to the opposite end of the Cape. I knew exactly where it was but I thought I heard Ed snickering as I walked up and down empty handed. But I have one, it’s not lonely, and we all had a nice walk on the beach. Stella got about thirty butt sniffs in and a roll on a dead seagull so her day was complete.


  • Hi Paul Even though I am in SoCal I always enjoy your Art Rocks posts. I was able to guess where alot of the rocks were but this time your noclue/clue has got me stumped good. Maybe I am trying to read to much into it.

    Take a Walk Maybe you’ll stumble on it! Leads me to believe that it is somewhere will you will have a hard time walking, possibly where you pick up the rocks for your sketches.

    I’m at a loss.


  • Or maybe the beach at Stage Fort Park? Lots of rocks there that would be hard to walk on.


  • Just saw your twitter hints. I was way off!


    • Yes you were! 🙂

      The rock is gone and so far it has not reported in. Maybe some snot nosed little rugrat picked it up and chucked it back into the Ocean where it belongs. Although, it was one of my better ones. The Rock was the perfect shape for that scene.

      Maybe I’ll do one of La Jolla for you. 🙂


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