“Andrew’s Crew” Fundaiser at Jalapinos This Wednesday March 9, 2011

Hi Joey,
My 2-year old son, Andrew Johnson, is a happy, outgoing, gutsy boy who has End Stage Renal Disease. He will receive one of my kidneys on March 29th at the MassGeneral Hospital for Children. We are walking in the National Kidney Foundation Walk this May at the Franklin Park Zoo. Our walk team, “Andrew’s Crew”, is holding a fundraiser this Wednesday at Jalapeno’s. 10% of the profits will go to the Andrew’s Crew team.
The “Andrew’s Crew” National Kidney Foundation page gives a nice history of Andrew:
Also, the Boston Herald has been following him. They will have another article around transplant time. Here are a couple of the articles from last year:
I would really appreciate it if you could publicize the Jalapeno’s fundraiser if you have the space.
Thank You!
Tara Johnson
(One proud momma)


  • Thank you for posting Joanne!


  • I would just like to add that, besides being a proud momma, Tara is also a lovely, strong, gutsy woman. As anyone who has ever been the parent, grandparent, relative, etc. of a child in need of special healthcare knows, Tara and her husband, Kevin, have been strong but have been through a lot through wonderful Andrew’s two years.
    I would urge anyone who has had a special child touch their life (and not many have not!) to attend this fundraiser.
    Thank you!
    Tara’s “Auntie Karen”


  • Amazing story!!! So glad I came across this… hope you and your family are doing well. Love the family pics … 🙂



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