• OK!, I’m not the most PC Person. but this is a little too much. poor Nicole will be asked too have her B….. squeezed by some of the perverts who follow this blog. oh yeah, whens the next passports breakfast joey? count me in. 🙂


  • I love Nicole! She’s one of the sweetest people I know. I ran into her the other night at Shaws and she didn’t tell me about the lobster ale OR her breasts!


  • umm… now it’s only fair that there is squishing penis’s discussed as well and questions of padding…. we all know it’s happening out there.


  • The politically incorrectness of GMG is becoming tiresome. Joey, it may seem to be humorous but for the father of two girls is this demeaning attitude towards females what you do really want for your kids?


    • I don’t find breasts demeaning at all. I’m actually a huge fan of boobs and women who own their own sexuality. I think the people that try to make women feel ashamed about their bodies are doing more damage to the female movement than the women that are comfortable with themselves.

      But I appreciate your opinions.


      • I find your open approach to many things a refreshing change. Boys like to talk about breasts. Girls do too. The flip side is no one wants to talk about breast cancer. But neither PC approach is healthy or productive.

        Sexuality should be discussed with your children as openly as a deadly disease should be discussed. They are both very real and will not go away by just “be polite and not talk about it”.

        So keep on keepin’ on Joey, with the Bras and Panties Dodge Ball for Breast Cancer and this hilarious video of squishy. If I can only keep a straight face next time I am in Passports.


    • OH PLEASE! get over it! this is life. life on the dock. or factory. get over the PC Shit. if you want PC Go to disney.com oh wait have you’ve seen the disney channel lately? young teen people dressed like 20 + year olds. GMG Never promised G rated content! enjoy or click on the weather channel.


  • I guess that there won’t be any more shots from the City Hall tower, burned that bridge.


  • Unless I misunderstood, sounded to me like Nicole was the one who introduced the topic. And if you know Nicole, that comes as NO surprise! She’s great.


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