Neshama Carlebach To Play The Liu

Good morning Joey,

Your website is fantastic!  And easy to get around on.  I have only been here around 47 years so far, served on the Gloucester City Council back in the 70’s,

etc.  My name is Willy Greenbaum. 

I am hoping you can post this music announcement.  The Jewish Temple that burned down on Middle Street when the Lorraine Apartments burned, in late 2007 is putting up a new building and to celebrate the construction the Temple is sponsoring an ecumenical concert on March 12 at the Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport.  It stars a nationally know Jewish female singer, Neshama Carlebach, her band, and members of the Green Pastures Baptist Choir from New York.

Should be a great night of music.  Here is an announcement for it, with a photo of Neshama. 

her website:



Community Event Announcement: Neshama Carlebach Concert – March 12 in


Temple Ahavat Achim in Gloucester is celebrating construction of its new building with a March 12 ecumenical concert starring Neshama Carlebach and members of the Green Pastures Baptist Choir of New York. The Temple’s historic synagogue was destroyed by fire in December 2007.

The concert will be at the Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport, Mass. It will begin at 8 and is open to the general public. Sponsor tickets, including preferred seating and a reception with Neshama Carlebach are $100. Regular tickets are $50.

For more information or tickets go to or phone 978-546 –7391.

Neshama Carlebach, daughter of the famous “singing rabbi”, Shlomo Carlebach, is one of the superstars of contemporary Jewish music, but unlike her father, her repertoire goes well beyond Jewish music and Jewish audiences.

One comment

  • The jazz trio, Jazmen, will be featured at Shalom Coffeehouse, this Saturday, March 5 at Temple Ahavat Achim, 33. Commercial St., Gloucester. Admission $7. Leader Mark Arnold will be joined by veteran Reed man Benny Goldstein and bassist Jim Dillon. The group goes on at 8:30, preceded by a blues/ folk band headed by Harmonica player David Wesson at 7:30. For information


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