Collective Consciousness

paintings of waves breaking on the rocks of Cape Ann
Paintings by E.J. Lefavour

Poem by Joda Khan

the ocean flexed for just an instant
and a multitude of waves took form
no two alike
yet each the same
from the primordial womb they all were born
some came in quietly without a word to say
they calmly spent their force
others giggled loudly in utter delight
as they splashed and rushed ashore
sensuous swells brushed in blue silk
their sisters wrapped in rainbows
paid their respects to white capped gales
resplendent in gray
striking an ominous pose
the oceans of life
humankind’s collective mind
each drop a memory
every wave a lifetime

I have always loved Joda’s poetry, and for the years we were married, we collaborated on many works together – I painting his poetry, or he writing poetry to accompany my paintings.  Much of our work during those years was of a social or political nature, but this one is spiritual and works well with the collective consciousness and ocean beauty of Gloucester. 

If you know of any good spoken word poetry venues around Cape Ann, I’d love to pass on the info about them.  Thanks.

E.J. Lefavour  


  • the poem and the paintings are both beautiful and really do sum up the ocean beauty of gloucester, thanks for sharing.



  • Great color and composition as always, EJ. Are we looking north from Lanesville toward Mount Agamenticus and the Isles of Shoals, (and Celia Thaxter’s garden)?


  • Thanks Jenn, glad you appreciated them. Greg, these paintings are from the rocks at the Annisquam Lighthouse looking out, I guess at the tail end of Newburyport, then Salisbury, and Hampton, but Mt. Agamenticus and the Isles of Shoals would be to the right and out of view from this perspective. Where is Celia Thaxter’s garden? Someone else mentioned that to me recently.


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