Karen Pischke Poem

Hello Joey.

Yesterday’s storm inspired this poem that I ‘awoke with’ today.

As they say- ‘any port in a storm!’ And I am happy our port is Gloucester.

Peace,     Karen

Snow swirling, twirling to the ground,
falling gently, without sound.
Single flakes lying one on top another,
Softly blanketing the ground they smother.
Snow falling through the night,
color turns to shades of grey and white.
As life is slowed and empty fills the streets,
I enjoy the quiet and the peace.
The cardinal calls with its familiar tune,
bright red against the white snow dune.
Birds and squirrels seeking refuge,
able to go where we refuse to.
Hunkering together, staying warm,
safe and protected in the storm.
The storm bringing neighbors together,
masks removed in stormy weather.
Seeking refuge in humanity,
temporarily fleeing the insanity,
of a world gone crazy,
its peace mission seeming hazy.
But suddenly the storm may end,
with strangers fast becoming friends,
having survived the storms together,
resilient in the midst of harsh weather.
Birds singing once again with delight,
as against a brilliant blue sky they take flight.
Hope and Sun shine anew, reflecting on the fallen snow,
And in this moment, Peace may be all we know.
~ Karen Pischke 02/02/2011
Gloucester, MA


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