Social Media For Artists (and non-profits)

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You know how I’m always banging the drum about twitter and social media and how any restaurant or hotel that doesn’t use it is being completely negligent to their business?  Well the same can be said for local artists and non-profits. If you aren’t engaging in some types of Social media you are being negligent to your sustainability as an artist who can support themselves through their art.

Like it or not the way people are getting their information is through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  There are content creators that would like nothing better than to help you spread the good word about what you’re organization is doing.

Organizations like the Artsmap, the Rocky Neck Art Colony newsletter, seARTS newsblast, GMG and others aggregate art related postings from the web and send them out to people that WANT TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR LATEST VENTURE!

Here’s the thing- If you are not participating in at the very least Twitter and the 140 characters in which you can post a message about your latest art exhibit or newest project, then why should you expect anyone else to care?  Get off your ass, go to Jo-Ann and Barbara’s social media class, and be included in the online conversation that is going on around you and should involve your voice.

Kenny and I am planning to have a social media presentation for businesses and individuals some time soon but this event on the 12th focuses on Artists and non-profits.

Please do this for yourself- and in the words of Jerry Maguire,

“Help me help you” 

Learn how to get your voice out to the masses, make it easier for the Rainmakers to find out about your coolest new ventures and spread the word for you.  You may not realize it yet but even email is slowly being less and less used.  people are communicating more and more through Twitter, and Facebook.  Get on the train before your kids start talking about you like you are an old fogey that can’t figure this shit out.

Barbara writes-

Jo-Ann and I are doing an Intro to Social Media Marketing for Artists (and non profits too) on February Ten Pound Studio.
Jo-Ann is doing an "arts map" preso at this.
I’m attaching a jpeg, the press release and
the link to artsgloucester site to purchase tickets (through mkat tix):
Anything you could do to get the word out there would be appreciated. Thanks.

One comment

  • Thanks Joey GMG!
    You are a gem of gems. I’ve re-posted your posts and twittered away too. You are addicted and love it. The more people we can get to do social networking and just helping each other out the better. This is an example of using social networking for artists. Hopefully people will help promote, “share” Gloucester artist and photographer, Paul Cary Goldberg’s online catalog and invitation to his exhibition at the Pucker Gallery in Boston.

    Thanks again Joey and crew for all you do to promote our uniquely wonderful community. Everyone’s community is unique but you have to admit, Gloucester and Cape Ann is wonderful to live and work in. Investment in the arts is an investment in community so lets help keep our artists living and working here. It doesn’t cost much to just “share”.

    love to the GMG crew and readership, your are the best!


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