Gloucester Area Astronomy Club February Program february 11th

Joey, would it be possible to get our February program listed on your website? We’re having a guest speaker who will be giving a presentation on variable stars. We think it will be of interest to local folks.

Many thanks,
Michael Deneen
Chair, GAAC


At the  February 11 meeting of the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club, Matthew Templeton, AAVSO, will discuss the observing of variable stars.
Variable stars are stars that change in their apparent brightness over time. By tracking their changes, we can apply known physical laws derived here on Earth to understand the physical properties of distant stars and what makes them behave the way they do. Much of the work of observing variable stars over the past two centuries has been done by observers just like you.
Variable star observing is something that almost anyone can do, no matter what kind of equipment you have.  In this persentation we will discuss what variable stars are and why we observe them, and which variable stars you yourself can start observing both for your own enjoyment and to participate in scientific research.
The Gloucester Area Astronomy Club ( ) meets on the second Friday of each month, at St. Paul Lutheran church in Lanesville.

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