Film Making Genius Sam Hartson Needs Help

I was privileged enough to read Sam’s latest screenplay in which one of the characters is based on “Joey Carter” the man behind Gloucester Blog

So who would you have play Joey’s role in Sam’s latest masterpiece?


  • Why the original, of course.


  • Handsome, man… The only one I can think of you is Joey, you


  • How about Pablo………..LOL


  • Lets face it….their is only one “Joey” it would have to be him. I’m sure it’s on his bucket list of things to do!


  • Leonardo Dicaprio. Joey’s too busy with the real Good Morning Gloucester.


  • I vote Gary Bussey or David Arquette! It’s gotta be someone a litte looney!


  • Joey, of course. There’s only one & I personally don’t think anyone could copy that truly awesome personality & the kindness of Joey C.


  • NO. I’m not buttering you up. I have no need to butter up people. Besides even if I did I wouldn’t do that. I don’t con people or butter them up. What I say always comes from the heart. Hey sonmetimes I may piss people off & sometimes make them happy but at least I say what I feel…lol… Sorta like Jimmy…lol… Ya gotta tell it like it is. Just wanted to clear that up.

    Joey you are truly a gift to Gloucester. If anyone should get an award, it shoud be you. You have done so much for beautiful Gloucester. You rock Joey.


  • Not realistic I know, but how about the stand-in be an anti-Joey, or a “Bizzaro” Joey. Some grumpy negative disruptive blogger individual who by choice stays in bed all day and has no value for family or loyalty or pride? Show how hard it is to be a “Joey” if it does not come naturally. Or how easy it is, for those who are blessed, to be counted in Joey’s catagory.
    Happy “Ice Cream for Breakfast” day!


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