Plant your Alpine Strawberries Today!

Plant your Alpine Strawberries Today! How do I know that? Because I follow Goose Cove Gardens on Facebook and that is what they are doing today. On this dreary day it is a good time to start thinking about spring. Last May 10th this is what Goose Cove Gardens looked like:

I’m so ready for spring.


  • Like water to a parched desert traveler….


  • Erratum: I had the date for that photo as last March 10th. I showed it to a gardener I am married to and she said that was impossible. Looked it up and sure enough it was May 10th.


  • I started some Alpine Strawberries in December that are big enough to set out now and some in January that are not. What bothers me is whether they could take the cold now since it could still get to say 29*F average lows by April 1 and 32*F by April 15, OTOH the Alpines I planted out last year have been sitting out there all winter, so maybe just some hardening off would suffice. What do you think?


    • My guess would be wait a few weeks since they are not hardened off and would not be ready for a frost. Your dates are right, 50% chance of killing frost on Cape Ann until April 1.

      I would plant them April 15, tax day. You could also post a message on the Goose Cove Facebook page linked in the original story. We got our peas and all sorts of stuff in this weekend with some nice chicken shit fertilizer.

      I’m not getting out of bed if it snows today.


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