Food and Music ~ Two great subjects.

Every now and then I get to go to the Fort Square Cafe and this time was one of the best. They had the most delicious omelet on special there called the Idaho Omelet. Talk about tantalizing your taste buds. If I can remember, it has hash browns, bacon, sour cream, cheddar cheese, and scallions wrapped in three eggs. Now I have been told this is what a loaded potato tastes like and all of my life I have chosen not to have one. Mainly because of all the calorie intake with just one vegetable. I just had a taste of this omelet and the rest was brought home for later.The Fort Square Cafe (29 Commercial Street. Gloucester, Ma) has been taken over by a wonderful cook Heidi and she has a coworkers Rusty and Tony and sometimes Christa who use to own and operate the cafe. I have never ever had a breakfast there that I did not absolutely enjoy.
Heidi has to be one of the best cooks around she is very particular and creative. There is something way different in  how she delivers the goods.
During this visit I had the pleasure of meeting Henry Allen  who is very personable and has taken over the Blackburn Theater  (2 Main Street, Gloucester, Ma) Plus he has a band Henry Allen and the New Swingset. Great name for a band. Listen to some of his music. I wonder if you will think the same of who he reminds me of. Very smooth soothing voice. While talking with Henry you could see the light in his eyes and feel the  love for the art. I am so happy that I happened to hear him share the love with others and then with me.

This is another time that I regret not having any kind of camera in my possession.

I went back after  hours and took these with my cell phone.


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