Drilling Down n The Perfect Set Of Favicons Part III

The previous set of favicons from part II


While Bill did a great job with the set of favicons produced above there was still some minor tweaking to create what would be in my mind the perfect set.

Firstly the yellow ones will not be used because as I said in part II blue is part of the GMG brand.

Secondly, I noticed that there is a blue  border around the favicons.  While that wouldn’t bother me, I noticed on my iPad that when Apple modifies icons for use as buttons on their screens that the rounded corners accentuate and make them look hacked as the borders appear and then disappear at the corners.

See a screen capture from my iPad to see what I mean-


It may be nit-pickey but if we’re going to live with it for a while don’t we want to do it right?

My email to Bill-

OK here’s the question Bill.  It seems but it just might be the way they get put on screen  that there is a black border around the edges.  When they get put onto an iPad or iPhone is it possible to rather nave no border and just the blue so when the devices round the corners you wouldn’t see those lines?
because in that case I would appreciate the larger ones blue with text bundles with the smaller ones without and actually I’m not sure if it was possible and I don’t want to be a total PITA but in the smaller ones take out the crooked black bar at the bottom all together and just have the blue background with the black silhouette of the seagull so that the seagull can be larger without the black crooked bar on the bottom.
So the smaller ones blue background with just the gull
the larger ones with the gull/crooked black bar on bottom with GMG text
again I want you to be perfectly honest and feel free to let me know if I’m asking too much.  I don’t want to be a PITA but i think I now understand the benefits of being able to bundle all these different style images for the different places they would reside.
oh and even if you dont feel like doing it, thanks, these have been interesting blog posts that I’ve been able to share with the readership (the process)


Here is the set Bill came up with based on my Pain in the Ass tweaking request-


Bill writes-

Joe, you’re not a PITA, you’re a ROYAL PITA!  Seriously, though, if I wasn’t enjoying this I wouldn’t be doing it.

I think I understand what you are asking, so I made a new mock up.  The border edges have been removed.  Larger than 32×32 have the GMG text and the smaller versions are stripped out.  In the mock up you’ll notice the smaller icons have two versions.  One without the black band on the bottom and the other with it.  I did this because the ones without the band lowered the gull to the bottom edge of the image and it looked kind of funny to me [I’ve been tweaking these at a magnification of 500% so my perception of them is certainly skewed]. To raise the gull back up I had to add something for it to stand on.  I tried adding a column to represent a dock pillar, but it looked stupid at 16×16, so I opted for the flattened black band.  I just wanted you to have the opportunity to see the difference for the small ones and decide for yourself which one you prefer.

Also don’t forget this isn’t written in stone – and you can change for it in the future.  I was actually gonna suggest that you can add a set for each season with different color backgrounds behind the silhouette to represent the season: Spring=green, Summer=yellow, Fall=orange/red/brown, Winter=blue.

The aren’t technically icons yet, they’re just the mockups.  Once you’ve decided we’ll make them icons, bundle them into one icon, and test them out.  Testing is a whole other clusterf#!k.

Let me know what you think.

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


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