This Is It!!!!! Friday Night- The Art Haven Lobster Buoy Auction and Art Show


You know all that positive energy that began way back when the lobstermen donated the use of their traps, the merry elves from Art Haven and the usual suspects spent days coordinating and building the lobster trap tree, the kids (and some adults) painted very special buoys to adorn the shining beacon of community spirit that is The 2010 Lobster Trap Tree?

Well here comes the payoff!  Here comes the celebration!   The night when everyone comes together to laugh, shout and enjoy each other’s company at Cruiseport for the Third Annual Art Haven Lobster Buoy Auction.

What better event to tie our incredible community together than the Art (Art Haven) and Sole (fishing community) in one huge collaborative ball of positive energy?

THIS IS IT!!!!!!

I can personally tell you this event is so much fun.  To see these kids beaming on stage as their hand painted buoy gets bid on is absolutely priceless.

So get yourself and your family down to Art Haven and soak in all that positive energy baby!   It’s on Friday night at 6:00PM

Jan 28th- For More Info-



David Brooks Wrote-

A special thank you to all involved with the 2010 Lobster Trap Christmas Tree. The tree isn’t as big as last year but It certainly is a beauty. Standing around 30 ft. topped off with a lobster trap star.

Traps came from the following fisherman:

Scott Horne, John Symonds, Jay Gustaferro, Kevin O’Malley

Special Thanks to Volunteer Builders:

Ed Collard, Paul Morrison, David Brooks, Russell Hobbs, Daniel Brooks, Donna Ardizzoni, Rick Moore, Alex Bigger-Allen, Shane O’Neill, Theon O’Neill, Vicotor Quesada, Iris Quesada

Also Thanks to media from:

Joey Ciaramitaro  (Good Morning Gloucester),Desi Smith  (Gloucester Daily Times), Masao Okano and Yuichi Watanabe (Cape Ann TV)


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