Public Service Announcement

When you lose power call 1-800-465-1212 for National Grid.  Put it in your cell phone now and don’t think that your neighbors will call it in because they are thinking the same thing. I am currently in Wayland just west of Boston and the dreaded purple lightbulbs of NationalGrid power outages is creeping towards me from the coast.

My backyard now with wine bottle added for scale:

Those weak ass white pine branches will be snapping this afternoon. Shoot, the lights just flickered … WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!

Oh wait, lunch is ready.


  • Thanks Paul – that was a great suggestion to program the number into our cells, as I have now done. I don’t think we’ll lose power this time because I am totally prepared to lose power this time. It’s like how it doesn’t rain when you take an umbrella, and you’re stuck walking around in the sunshine all day carrying an umbrella. We’re not going to die! Enjoy your lunch.


  • looks like Chateau Pesquie les Terrasses, a great QPR, a Cote du Ventoux imported by Eric Solomon…good tast Paul…


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