Rocky Neck Plunge and Art Rock Kindness

photo collage of Rocky Neck Plunge New Years Day 2011Did you know?

That today was the annual New Year’s Day Rocky Neck Plunge sponsored by Imagine of Rocky Neck.  If you missed it, you can see a little of it here.  If you were there, now you can relive it (assuming you’ve warmed up enough to want to). Great fun was had by all.  You can click on the link below to see some video, since I haven’t figured out how to embed it into the post yet.

Also, when Paul Frontiero posted his last Art Rock location at Good Harbor Beach, for the first time, I knew where it was (along with at least 5,000 other people).  I wanted to go look for it, but the storm had started, so I let it go and went out shooting around Annisquam instead.  Today at the Rocky Neck Plunge, Ed Collard, who had gone and found the Good Harbor Beach Art Rock, presented it to me as a gift.  Ed and Paul, may your kindness be returned to you a hundredfold.  I have to say that the people of Cape Ann have proven in my short time here, to be the kindest people I have ever met.  Here is my precious Art Rock.

Paul Frontiero's Good Harbor Art Rock, gift to EJ from Ed Collard


  • Hi Ej,
    thanks for the kind words on my Art rock. Don’t thank me, thank ed more. I love that wrinkly old guy, but i wish he would leave some for others to take, unless he was keeping them for himself. I’ve left more that weren’t posted on GMG. I get about a 20% reply. Some people i guess don’t get that they can re ply. OH, and ED, No Mas. leave them for others. not sure if there will be anymore. I think they may have run their course.


    • Hi Paul & EJ,
      I had to save that piece of art from the ravages of the storm!! I didn’t want it to be lost at sea but rather in the hands of someone that would appreciate it. There has got to be more Paul, the rocks are known across the country now and I predict that in 2011 they will go international!! It was a pleasure to meet you E.J. and I’m so happy that you’ve got one of Paul’s works of art! Thanks for the great pics also.


  • Paul, I agree with Ed – that can’t be the last rock. Of course, Ed could release the one he’s holding hostage and let it go back out into the world for someone to find. Then again, maybe he’s really fallen in love with it and made it a part of his permanent art collection, in which case it really isn’t being held hostage after all. Ed, it was really good to meet you too, and thanks so much again for the Good Harbor Beach Art Rock; I will treasure it always.


  • E.J.
    I really like your posting style, a true professional with words, photos and video.
    You create a story, with information and education. As a returnee to Gloucester after forty years, I especially enjoy your “Did You Know” posts. You provide my Re-Discovery of Gloucester.


  • Thanks Manny. I think you and I have started a GMG Mutual Admiration Society.


    • How lucky are we? To be part of such a great group all pulling in the same direction to remind folks of what an incredible place we are a part of? So proud of our team!


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