The Scene of The Crime- Rocky Neck Plunge New Year’s Day

This is where we will be at noontime on New Year’s Day for the Rocky Neck Plunge.  It will be a time to conquer fears.  It will be a time for new beginnings., a time to bond with your fellow crazies who dare to step outside of normalcy and to do something just because others say it shouldn’t be done!  People ask “Why?”  I say- Why Not? 

Bucket list stuff!  Once you do it you will be able to recount the memory every year fro the rest of your life.  Come join us for some serious fun!

Oak Cove Beach-DSC01943



Rocky Neck Plunge Info from Brenda Malloy-

Thought it may be a good idea to give people some directions on exactly where the beach is that The Rocky Neck Plunge takes place. It is called Oak Cove Beach at the end of Stevens Way, neither of which names are commonly known to most, even on Rocky Neck!
When one is driving down Rocky Neck and bears right at Sailor Stan’s restaurant, you take the first street on the  left ‘Stevens Way’. This is a short street, 2 houses long, then you must go either right or left on Wonson St.  If you were to continue straight you go down the gravel path ahead of you, this leads to Oak Cove Beach where the plunge takes place.
Hope to see a big crowd, one and all are welcome!


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