Santa Captured in my attic

A few shots from the storm. Santa did not make it out of Rockport and is now stuck in my attic.

The Rockport breakwater at high tide. Held up just fine:

And our power was still off Monday night so we went to Passports for dinner:

The baked haddock was delish as well as the beef gumbo to start things off. Santa was lit up in our attic when we got back. Yippee!


  • Let the poor man out of your attic, or at least feed him – he looks totally freaked out and he’s so hungry, he’s eating his glove. Amazing shot of the waves crashing on the breakwater!


  • I’ve been lit, up in the attic a few times myself. Good to know that Santa does it too.


  • Santa knows some powerful people so I made a deal. He finds a way to make it sunny, over 50F, and no wind at noon on New Years Day and I’ll let him go. I may have to let him go anyway he is drinking all my whiskey.


  • Looks like St. Nick is flipping you the bird!


  • The Rockport Breakwater is still standing because of the remains of the Sandy Bay breakwater offshore. Once that is really gone and the long wavelength stuff has a clear shot, trouble. The Sandy Bay breakwater looks permanent, but it is much reduced from when I first started sailing around here in the 1950s.


  • Are you intentionally trying to scare the bejesus out of the neighborhood children with that Santa? What did you use to take those photos Paul?


  • “Are you intentionally trying to scare the bejesus out of the neighborhood children with that Santa?”

    Uh, yes, any law against it? 😉 I keep looking out the window hoping to see a dog walker or child pointing up at the window aghast but no such luck, yet.

    All photos taken with my trusty Panasonic Lumix TZ-5 which I keep trying to lose so I can upgrade. My daughter may be getting it when the GF-2 is available next month. I am enjoying that little bipod attachment you recommended. I’ll post a night shot soon of Santa lit up with some LEDs inside him.


  • You are definitely a “Mad Scientist”!


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