Eric Lorden Calls Out Ed Collard In A Rocky Neck Plunge Challenge

Here’s the list-

Friends of The Blog Who Said they Will Take The New Years Day Rocky Neck Plunge-


Nephew BJ (Beasley)

Paul Morrison (and his rubber ducky)

Patrick Ryan

Amanda Nash

Ed (I’m game for anything) Collard

Donna (I may be small but I can do anything) Ardizzoni

Eric Lorden

Who Else?

Rocky Neck Plunge Info from Brenda Malloy-

Thought it may be a good idea to give people some directions on exactly where the beach is that The Rocky Neck Plunge takes place. It is called Oak Cove Beach at the end of Stevens Way, neither of which names are commonly known to most, even on Rocky Neck!
When one is driving down Rocky Neck and bears right at Sailor Stan’s restaurant, you take the first street on the  left ‘Stevens Way’. This is a short street, 2 houses long, then you must go either right or left on Wonson St.  If you were to continue straight you go down the gravel path ahead of you, this leads to Oak Cove Beach where the plunge takes place.
Hope to see a big crowd, one and all are welcome!


  • LOL! Is Eric Gloucester’s New Rosie Red Legs? Now all you need is a new Floyd the Clammer.


  • Eric…really…really, you calling me out??!! Well welcome aboard you ‘Johnny come lately’. I was already in you pansy ass. I wonder what excuse you’ll come up with when your a NO SHOW! Just remember this… any day…any contest, you blow hard.


  • Dec – 28 – 2010
    Las Vegas Morning Line for the Rocky Neck Plunge
    Jan 1 2011 Weather:
    Mostly Sunny
    Mid Day Air Temp 39 -41 F
    Water Temp 40 F
    Beach Sand Temp 40 F

    Joey Jingles —————————————-12 – 1

    Naughty Nephew———————————–4 – 1

    Prancing Paul—————————————5 – 2

    Rum Ryan——————————————8 – 1

    Nash the Dash————————————–30 – 1

    Eager ED——————————————-2 – 1

    Dipping Donna————————————–50 – 1

    Long Time Lorden———————————-1 – 1


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