• HeyJoey,
    Hope your planning to bring some over so I can make the “Pasta w/ the Shrimp” for Sunday dinner tomorrow!!!!


  • MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. yummmmmmyyyyyyy!!! This is one of my favorite dishes – pasta with native shrimp. It’s the best. My Grandfather was was a fishing boat Captain, so I grew up eating lots of shrimp. Today I have to buy it at a fish market. It’s worth the price. Felicia my mouth was watering as I saw your set with all the seafood. Looks delicious!!


    • I have to tell every time I make it I think of my Grandfather Capt. Joe. He always brought us the first catch of shrimp of each year. When I make the shrimp sauce each year it’s delicious but always seem to missing the one most important ingredient,” Grandpa Joe” hand delivering it to our door directly from the dock!!


      • My grandfather was Capt. Tony “Lingo” Linquata. He owned the Natalie I & II. At the end of a fishing trip he would be knocking at my Mom’s door when I was a kid early in the morning with some lobster, fish and shrimp. It was the best of times!!


  • when i worked for wally’s packing whiting during the christmas season, these shrimp came up with the fish. we packers cleaned the shrimp from the line into 5 pound boxes. there’s row in those shrimp, and at that time, we could take as much shrimp home as we could pull from the line. i packed every freezer i knew with 5 pound boxes. my nana got 45 pound from me! we ate gumbo and jambalaya all winter.



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