Lobster Trap Tree Wars Covered By The Associated Press

Lobster ports create Christmas trees — from traps


Albert Carver AP – In this photo taken on Dec. 2, 2010, Albert Carver, looks at a 50-foot-tall Christmas tree made of lobster …

By CLARKE CANFIELD, Associated Press Clarke Canfield, Associated Press Sun Dec 5, 10:55 am ET

PORTLAND, Maine – Lobster fishermen are known for bragging about who has the fastest boat or the biggest pickup truck.

Now, some of the top lobster-fishing ports in New England are claiming bragging rights about who has the biggest and best Christmas tree created from lobster traps. As the holiday season gets into full swing, a new lobster trap tree in eastern Maine is stirring the pot.

Gloucester, Mass., started the trap-to-tree tradition 12 years ago, and Rockland, Maine, followed five years later. Both are threatening to be upstaged this year by the small lobstering town of Beals, Maine, which is getting into the act with a monster tree that stands 50 feet tall.

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I’ve been hearing from friends all over the country that have read this story.  I guess it was the lead story on the Yahoo news page over night.

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6 Responses to Lobster Trap Tree Wars Covered By The Associated Press

  1. Someday they’ll spell your name right. Newspapers, magazines, what’s next? apple Itunes?

  2. Joanne says:

    Ya and they spelled your name wrong. Go figure.

  3. CatheyJ says:

    Can you put up a photo of this year’s finished tree so folks from Mass in other areas of the country can put it online and support Gloucester in the Christmas Tree War? (War, whatever, we win. Maine’s is taller, ours is bettah). Thanks!

  4. I added a line to the Good Morning Gloucester Wikipedia page since I can use the Yahoo and the Associated Press as verifiable references. They still don’t know how to spell.

  5. corgimas says:

    a blog post about the two trap trees in maine…..nothing like a glocuester tree…..

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