Real Santa Today 3:45PM Rockport!

This is no fake Santa at the mall. Rockport gets the real red rotund one. My investigative reporting at the bar last night my elf informant revealed to me that it is the Fremantle Doctor that won the job of piloting Santa to the dock at Motif #1 today at 3:45 PM. When you see harbormasters Scott Story and Rosemary Lesch in the lead boat rounding into Rockport Harbor with blue lights flashing you will know the unloading of the horizontally challenged bearded one is just moments away.

Freemantle Doctor in 2008 transporting Santa and elves.


  • Paul, when are you going to leverage your Rockport Reporter status and get the Harbormasters to dress as elves? See you downtown later today!


    • I’ll be wearing a red Santa hat starting out at the end of T Wharf next to Sandy Bay Yacht club. That seems to be the highest concentration of kids screaming “IT’S SANTA!!!”

      Rosemary and Scott have to wear the regulation harbormaster jump suits. We could start a fund to spray paint them red and stuff them with pillows. I’ll bring that up with them at this Thursday night’s harbormaster meeting. I’m sure they will go for it.


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