When the Phone Call Came…

…I nearly passed out from excitement.  Joey C called to ask me to be an Official Contributor to the blog of all blogs: Good Morning Gloucester.


GMG's newest contributor, decked out for the holidays.

So what qualifications do I bring to the virtual table? I can hear you asking.  After all, I’m no expert on lobsters or fishing or boats (neither working boats nor waste-of-money boats) or much of anything at all.  I’m just a regular citizen doing my thing on Cape Ann.  Well, I may not know much but I do know this: we live in an amazing place that deserves to be celebrated every hour on the hour, in the spirit of Good Morning Gloucester. Since coming here, Cape Ann has pretty much become the center of the world for me, and while this may not make me a native of the place, it sure helps me think like one.  My particular obsession is Rockport.  I want to see all the great things about Rockport highlighted: our history with granite, the Scandinavian heritage (let’s hear it for Nisu and backyard saunas!), the working harbor, and Rockport’s arts scene – past, present and future.  I live in Rockport with my family and have a blog and an online store featuring vintage items.  I look forward to being a part of the GMG team, with an emphasis on Gloucester’s little sister to the north, the village of Rockport.

– Sarah Kelly a.k.a. The Roving Home




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