GMG Holiday Shopping- Thanks To Those Who Help Support The Cause Joey’s Photos and GMG Shirts

If you are looking for a no hassle holiday gift, please consider supporting the blog and buying a shirt or some photos.  I appreciate all of the support from the GMG community.

Easy peasy shopping! Last day to order shirts Wednesday. Photos will still be available  after this Wednesday.

Paulie Frontiero will be printing up GMG Logo T-Shirts for sale for holiday presents. Once we have 24 shirts ordered we will send out the paypal information and ordering info.  The last day to order will be Wednesday for the T-Shirts.  I will be ordering the stock for the shirts Thursday Morning.

Short Sleeve- $15

Long Sleeve- $17

Sweatshirts- $25

shipping $2.99

easy- peasy holiday shopping for the true GMG lover right here

send an email to for ordering information and to help support the cause


Here is the info if anyone would like to order one (I’ll repost this once a week through the season in case folks want to contribute to the blog and my new camera fund) :)

Many people have asked to buy my pictures and I’ve long refused but I’ve decided with the holidays coming up I’d give people an opportunity to get some holiday shopping done early and at the same time give the people who ask if there is any way they could support the blog a way to cut down on some of my hosting expenses and the like.

Most people charge upwards of $25 for an 8×10 photo but I decided that I’d start the pricing at $15 and give folks a break incrementally the more they buy. So if you would like to support the effort I put into the blog and want to bang out some holiday shopping early check out the pictures and email me at with the picture number(s) you would like and your address and I will mail them to you. Each photo will come in a protective sleeve ready for gifting. All photos will come sans the Good Morning Gloucester Watermark.

You may not dig my photography but want a way to say thanks for the work put in. If so, here’s your chance.

click the picture below to see the set and to select any pictures you might like


Number of Pictures Cost
1 $15
2 $29
3 $42
4 $52
5 $60
6 $66
7 $70
8 $80
9 $90
10 +1 Free Picture $100

Shipping cost will be $2.99 total for any amount ordered.

email (that’s me) to place an order and I’ll email you the details


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