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Bob Ritchie Identifies Curious Fish as Shortspine Boarfish

Joey,  I believe the Mystery Fish is a Shortspine Boarfish  (Antigonia combatia);  "body shape varies from ovate to roughly diamond-shaped.   Head and body reddish pink above, becoming silvery below.  9 spines in  first dorsal fin, 26-30 soft rays in 2nd dorsal fin;  23-28 soft rays in anal fin.  Size: up to 5 in.  Range:   NJ and south to Brazil, at  depth 400-2000 ft., generally on or near bottom on the deeper continental shelf and the upper slope, especially near ledges and rocky outcroppings."    Source: C. Richard Robins, A Field Guide to Atlantic Coast Fishes of North America, Houghton Mifflin 1986.   Available at Dogtown Book Shop (books, used and unusual)  $8.00
Bob Ritchie
Dogtown Book Shop

Bob’s email was in reference to this curious fish that Tony Gross brought up in his trap last week.

Click the picture to view larger-


Tony brought it down the dock for me to photograph and all our lobstermen passed it around the office (there was probably 500 years of lobstering experience in the office at the time) and not one of our lobstermen had caught one in their traps before.  Tony caught this one just off of Lanesville. Rare indeed.

Available today at Dogtown Book shop


What’s A Lobster Dealer Eat For Thanksgiving?

Why Lobster of course. 

The folks that read the blog know that we spent Thanksgiving in NYC. 

After the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade and watching the Pats we went out to a great restaurant in Chelsea – COOKSHOP. 



Now I don’t know about you but if you are going to give me an option to eat lobster over turkey I’ll take lobster 100 times out of 100.  COOKSHOP offered a multi-course prix fixe menu.


Here is my first course, the roasted lobster salad.  Avocado, cilantro,red onion, lobster and roasted chili sauce.  It was RE-DIC-U-LOUS!


The main course was Beef Short Ribs.  Man o man.  It was great.  Loved eating out and being able to enjoy each other’s company instead of the mass hysteria that can be associated with huge Holiday meals.  I vote that we eat out every thanksgiving!


Jaime’s Pumpkin Soup


Ankeny Holiday Open Studio December 4th

On Saturday December 4th, from 12 to 6pm, Ankeny Studio will have its Holiday Open Studio. On display, we’ll have 19 new paintings at commission-free prices, which means 40% off!
Refreshments will be provided, and any patrons who make a purchase between now and Christmas will be entered into a drawing to win the original ink sketch on the flier attached to this email. (Drawing held on December 18th.)
I hope to see you there, but if cannot attend on the 4th, I’ll be open each Saturday until December 18th from 12-6pm. I’m also available for appointment viewings, just contact me.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,


Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree ’10 -The Beginning

Featuring the 9:00AM Crew- David and Daniel Brooks, Paul Morrison, Shane and his brother The Emo kid, Scotty Horne, Ed Collard, Donna Ardizzoni and Rick Moore.

If you have any time at all today they could surely use a hand constructing the Lobster Trap tree.  If you are not able to physically help maybe you could drop off some warm cider or hot coffee.  It is cold as a motherfu$%er up there at Gloucester Police Station Pavillion.

We will be taping for The Learning Channel as well so come on down and be part of the fun.

Donna Ardizzoni is down there lugging traps that are bigger than her.  That woman is crazy I’m telling you!

Also if there are any lobstermen that have any lobster traps that they can contribute to the tree please swing down.  David and company will pick them up and drop them back off in your yard when the tree is dismantled.

Drum Roll Please!

I Found this Video of The Band Johnny Carwash on youtube.

 The Famous or is it Infamous David “Doc” Vincent is let loose on

Rocky Neck.

It’s  a Fun Video. You gotta keep watchin to see what happens.

For more Information On what David and his Bands are up to, Check out his facebook page.!/profile.php?id=100001603443672&v=wall

Chickity Check It!- Christmas In Rockport Website


Peter Webber wrote me yesterday announcing the launch of the new Christmas in Rockport Website.

Feelthe warmth of the season in one of New England’s most picturesque towns, where Christmas is still celebrated the way it used to be.
Join us for the tree lighting and the Pageant; the fairs and the festivals; the concerts and the strolling minstrels. We’re easy to get to by car (see map) and train (see schedule). Public restrooms are open and on-street parking is FREE throughout the holiday season.

Over 100 quaint shops and art galleries offer an abundance of unique gifts for the whole family in every price range. And a variety of seaside inns and restaurants remain open for your holiday enjoyment.