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Looking For Lobster Trap Tree Volunteers

Help build the lobster trap tree!


Hi Joey, 

Please get the word out.

The Planned build for the 2010 Lobster Trap Christmas Tree is This Sat-Sun. Nov. 22-28th. We are still in need of volunteers for the build. Which will start at 9:00 AM. There are a few other ways to help. We are still looking to borrow traps so if you know anyone who may have good strong traps the more the merrier. We are looking to have a total of around 450 traps, the more traps from less fisherman the less we will have to run around. Also we may need help coordinating the events for the lighting of the tree on Dec. 11th around 4:30PM. We may also need someone to coordinate having TV releases for those on camera. So if anyone is interested in that please contact me directly at  Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and for those who and to work off the calories I can think of a better way to do that than to lift a few hundred traps.


David Brooks

Mary Kate Canavan’s 9th Grade Honors Class Poem Series-Samatha Russell

Art isn’t just painting.  There are many ways people create and here I’d like to share some of the poems that Mary Kate Canavan sent in from her GHS 9th Grade Honors Class.

Samatha Russell

Gloucester breeze
Island, surrounded by sea
smell of fish, taste of salt.
Waves crashing along the beach, oblivious seagulls screech.
On a summers day, all the kids come out to play.
“Almost there”! We both say, paddling to the greasy pole, each day.
Tired and breathless, we climb the ladder, we made it, laughter.
Friends and family aboard the ship, sailing away, I’m left.
Strong and happy, full of life and love.
Dream hard, work hard, live easy.
Smiles from the sun.
Gloucester Breeze

~ Samatha Russell


Wenham Museum

Do not miss the Wenham Museum special train exhibits! I think Arden could spend every day here looking at the 15+ giant train-scapes in gauges G-Z with buttons the kids can press to make the trains go. These are amazing and even feature a small torch-wielder cutting up old steam train parts with new diesel trains whizzing by. Downstairs there is a play area with a table of lincoln logs, playhouse, costumes, store stocked with 1950s play food items, typewriter, and rotary phone, among other things. They have book signings too and we were able to meet local author Kristin Kladstrup and have her sign our copy of The Gingerbread Pirates.

Taste of Latin America Event At The Blue Shutters Inn Benefits Ecuador Medical Relief

From the Blue Shutters Inn Blog

por cristo shopping small

With Good Harbor Beach as a spectacular backdrop, friends of the Blue Shutters, together with friends of Por Cristo, came together on Sunday November 14 to get a "taste of Latin America" — food and wine with a South American flair, scarves and jewelry from Ecuador, and conversations with some of the folks behind the medical missions to one of neediest parts of the world. Our open house spotlighting the work of Por Cristo was a hit, with dozens of guests who came to sample some Latin American cuisine (another big thank you to Langham Hotel chef Mark Sapienza) and check out the items Por Cristo’s Medical Services Director Deborah Clark brought back from her trips to Ecuador .  All the funds raised from sale of these items goes to support the work of Por Cristo. The organization’s executive director Joe Reardon was on hand to share more background on Por Cristo’s work — and the Blue Shutters innkeepers chipped in with wines from Argentina and Chile , and some regional music. Gloucester and Good Harbor Beach may be thousands of miles from Ecuador , but for few hours on Sunday we all got a "taste of Latin America " — and, more importantly, provided some support for a very good cause. Thanks to everyone who joined us — we hope you had as much fun as we did.


The Gloucester Sketchbook Project Update from eb

Gloucester Sketchbook Project Update from eb

BECAUSE of other various projects, I haven’t been able to work on my sketchbook for the past few weeks and thus there’s been a lack of updates. Sorry! So here’s a snippet of what I’ve started up with:

The hand written typography is something that I’m really excited about! I haven’t been terribly active with type in a long time, and it felt incredibly satisfying to do some hand lettering. Some are visuals that I copied by eye, just to get my craft back, but none are traced from the source. The ‘u’ in the pencil draft needs to be corrected though….its opposite slant is driving me crazy, sketch or no sketch.