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ART, ROCKS! Good Harbor Beach Revisited

Good Harbor Beach ART ROCK left at the scene 11/22/2010 6:07pm


I got a call about 5am from Joey this morning informing me of a Gloucester teacher who found an “Art Rock” of mine. I didn’t get to see the comment until later this day. When I read what she wrote it touched me. I try to be “The Ass of GMG” as Joey once rightly put it. But I do have feelings. Sometimes :).

To think there are people out there who follow this blog and follow my CRAZY “Art, Rocks!” thing INSPIRES  me. If those are the right words.

I am truly humbled as “I” can be. So thanks to Joey and Teacher Mary Kate Canavan and Her Students, I dedicate tonights Art rock to them;

Thank You so much for the Kind words!


The View it was drawn from

The Drawing. Forgive me it was dark.

The Back of the rock

where the rock was left at 6:07pm 11/22/2010

Julie Geary’s Fool-Proof Turkey Video

You may only cook a turkey one day a year but Julie Geary shows that it is actually easy to make a perfectly cooked bird, brown on the outside and fully cooked and moist on the inside. Her secret is the technique of using butter, lots of it, and coat the entire surface of the outside of the turkey. Cover completely with aluminum foil and cook the turkey, covered with the aluminum foil, up until the last half hour. Remove the foil and the turkey will be white, but after about ½ hour more in the oven (without the foil) the skin will brown perfectly. For some added flavor, Julie also shows you how to place some fresh herbs (such as sage, thyme or parsley) under the skin before cooking. She also has a video to show how to make perfect gravy and another for an easy, basic stuffing recipe.

Click Julie’s Picture to View Her Fool Proof Turkey Video at Gloucester Daily Times Taste of The Times-

Click Julie's Picture To View Her Video

Mary Kate Canavan’s 9th Grade Honors Class Poem Series- Anna Gray

Art isn’t just painting.  There are many ways people create and here I’d like to share some of the poems that Mary Kate Canavan sent in from her GHS 9th Grade Honors Class.

Mary Kate writes-

I found it!!! Hey Paul & Joey – sorry for the late response…I actually found the art rock last Saturday evening and have been busy trying to deliver a proper ‘Thank you’ to you both. I have been watching all summer and coveting each and every rock that has been found…and now I am the proud owner of one!!!!
I am a teacher at Gloucester High and we were just talking about oral history and how important it is in our culture. My 9th grade Honors class worked on poems and I wanted to share some with you. Joey – please know how much your efforts inspire and motivate those in our fair city. Paul – my student’s were teasing me, they could not believe how excited I was for finding this beautiful piece of art work! I am so blessed to look at the Paint Factory every day and now this rock will travel with me and the story with it. Thank you!
Okay, so here are some of the poems – I am not sure how much room you have to share but they were all inspired by both of you!

Anna Gray-

Gloucester sails
The shoreline like memories
Salty breezes float through lace stars
White waves collapse against the seaweed-sheltered rocks
Shadows of innocent children and their ignorant, naïve minds amble
Tragedies new and aged, reminiscing of the past, tears fall glaringly, leisurely
Generation of the young commence to lose their once high, amorous faith
Walk on a vacant path with no end, ceaselessly falling
White and sapphire draped over her judicious head
Loneliness is the most terrible poverty
Snow melting into sun
Cherished and forever known.

I’ll be featuring poems by Autumn Zubricki, Samatha Russell, Kacie Quinn, Matt Lane and Kenneth Wheeler each day this week at 3PM

Green Meadows Farm Art Installations

Green Meadows Farm has some Montserrat College of Art student sculpture installations throughout the fields and grounds. Check it out throughout the off season, until planting begins!

WhereZat? With a prize!

There are no clues for this one…If you’ve seen it, you’ll know where it is. You can see it from the road and it’s not on the water. Big help,huh?

Good luck and if you’re the first to identify the location, you git yerself one of them there GMG t-shirts! 🙂

Vote For The Best Sunny D and Folly Cove Rum Performance From Saturday Night At Dog Bar

Big time props go to new GMG contributor Patrick Ryan.  The Dog Bar Sunny D and Folly Cove Rum night was his brainchild and he came through big.  Also kudos go to Andy Mullholland, the staff at Dog Bar, Bobby Ryan from Ryan and Wood Distillers,The Rabbit and all of our singers.

Unidentified Lady

Alicia Pensarosa

The Girl From Virgilios

John McElhenny and Patrick Ryan

The Drummers Wife

Franklin Foster