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I Wanna Puke!!!!

The Discovery Channel chooses to film the construction of The Inferior Vanilla Rockland Lobster Trap tree as opposed to The REAL DEAL.

Read On-

Discovery Channel to film Lobster Trap Christmas Tree

Gloucester’s 2009 Tree-

click picture for slide show


Rockland’s Crappy Vanilla Tree-


Thanks to Penelope Crane for alerting me to this horrible injustice.

Sunny D and Rum Lyrics

For those who want to play along at home and prepare for Saturday Night – DOG BAR – Sunny D and Folly Cove Rum Night. Warning: it’s a catchy tune.

[Chris Athey – SunnyD And Rum – Lyrics]

Whoa, Oh! SunnyD and Rum, Yum, Yum! Its a flavor I just thought of
Whoa, Oh! SunnyD and Rum, Yum, Yum! Its so good I can’t get enough, ohh, ohhh
Whoa, Oh! SunnyD and Rum, Yum, Yum! I’ll think I’ll run and get me some more
SunnyD and Rum, Yum, Yum! Its so good I can’t get enough, woah ohhh
Oh! SunnyD and Rum, Yum, Yum! I’ll think I’ll run and get me some
Whoa, SunnyD and Rum, Yum, Yum! I’ll think I’ll just drink me some

SunnyD and Rum, Yum, Yum!
SunnyD and Rum

Its’ so good I can’t get enough.


Wow! New Museum of Fine Art “Art of the Americas”

Took a bike ride over to MFA after lunch today to see the new wing. I was totally blown away. The open space, the light, the paint on the walls, the doors, the floor, all were amazing. And the same art that was in the old now glows in this new space. John Singer Sargent, John Singleton Copley both get big space and the difference is profound. Those halibuts in Winslow Homer’s boat never looked more forlorn as the fog rolls in.

Upstairs Edward Hopper has two (EXLAX and woman looking out window in Brooklyn) , Henry Fitz Lane has tons in two different locations. One gallery he shares with Martin Johnson Heade then downstairs are boats and more Henry Fitz.

Completely overwhelming. I had to go into the old part up to room 255 to check out the Monet, Manet, Van Gogh’s and Renoir’s just to get my bearings.  Beautiful paintings but the room seemed so drab after viewing the new wing. And the lighting just plain sucked compared to the new wing. I hope they get some paint and some new light bulbs for the old part.

This new wing is going to be my favorite place to hang out on cold dark winter days.

Representing in the Hudson Valley

This weekend we got off to to my hometown, Highland New York to visit family and friends. If you ever get to the Hudson Valley, you need to check out the Walkway Over the Hudson. They got $38 Million dollars to turn an unused train bridge that crosses from Highland to Poughkeepsie NY into a walkway. It is a must see!

Expansive views south towards the Mid Hudson Bridge

Enjoying the view with Gram and PopPop


GARFISH Performs at The Gloucester ELKs Lodge – Harvest Dance Saturday Novermber 20th

Greetings Music Fans,

GARFISH will be performing at the Elks Lodge Harvest Dance this Saturday from 8pm to 12am. This is a public invited event where admission is $10.00 per person which includes a light dinner buffet and best of all “cheap drinks”. Cocktail and buffet hour runs from 7pm to 8pm. Music and dancing from 8-12am. The Elks is located at 101 Atlantic Road, Gloucester and tickets can be purchased at the Lodge or by contacting

Garfish will be performing classic rock-n-roll music from 1960’s, 70’sand 80’s with some contemporary songs that will get the crowd to its feet. So come on down and enjoy some of the Gloucester Elks hospitality.

Garfish consists of local well known musicians: Walter Piscitello, Kevin Lopes, Doug Comeau, Gary “Gar” Hiltz and Jeff Worthley.

Reservations suggested for tables of 6 or more.  For further info or call 978-282-3200

Hope to see you their. All the best…..Gar

News From Cape Ann Art Haven


November 2010


Join us tonight for some appetizing Mexican food at Jalapenos (located at 86 Main St. in Gloucester)!!  If you’re on the go and don’t have time to sit and eat there, order some take-out.  Ten percent of all profits will be donated to Art Haven so bring family and friends.  We’re offering a raffle for a FREE session of class at Art Haven to anyone who comes so don’t miss out!  We look forward to seeing you all there!!


We have a few big events coming up in the next month
that we wish you all to be a part of: 

CAPE ANN PARTNERSHIP FOR CHILDREN & FAMILIES: On November 16th from 6-7:30 there will be an informational meeting at Pathways for Children on various programs provided for children and families provided by the Cape Ann community.  It will include dinner and presentations from Art Haven, Cape Ann Families, Cape Ann Museum, and Cape Ann YMCA.  Please join us!

SPECIAL NEEDS OPEN HOUSE:  Join us in our introducing of our Special Needs class! On December 8th from 5:30-7 come meet the teachers and partake in an art activity!
WORKSHOP WEEKS: December 6th to the 17th, we’ll be running workshops with things like block printing, ornament and card making, and holiday mugs!  More information to follow!
BUOY PAINTING AND ICE SCULPTURE:  The holiday season is right around the corner!  Make sure to mark your calendars for our buoy painting and ice sculpture event!  Buoy painting starts Friday, December 10th from 3-7 and continues on Saturday, December 11th from 10-4.  We look forward to celebrating with you all!

Thank you to everyone who donated and participated in our 3rd Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest!  It was a blast!  Your continued support is what keeps us going.  We truly appreciate it.


Dawn Gadow
Cape Ann Art Haven

Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents at The Rhumb Line on Friday 11/19

Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents will be returning to The Rhumb Line this Friday, November 19th, for three sets starting at 9:30pm.  We’ll be there shaking it til’ we close the place down!

Q-Dee Records has just released a new Jenny Dee 45rpm single on *purple vinyl* as part of the ‘Rock’n’Soul’ Series that includes releases by Barrence Whitfield and The Monkeyhips, Eli Reed’s “True Loves”, and Muck and The Mires.  The single features a stereo mix of “Big Ol’ Heart” b/w a Lillian Hale tune called “Don’t Boom Boom”.  The single will be available at the show, or it can be downloaded from the Q-Dee Records site.
See y’all Friday!


A Note About Amaryllis From Kim Smith


                                                                                 Amaryllis ‘Ambiance’

Dear Gardening Friends,

We have been blessed with a delightfully warm autumn, which has made these last few weeks in the garden a delight. As I am preparing gardens for their winter rest, my thoughts turn to the upcoming holidays and the winter blooms that will make the season all that much brighter. I hope you don’t mind—the following is from the chapter on Coaxing Winter Blooms, excerpted from Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities! With our son’s soccer team headed to the state finals, I haven’t had the ability to focus, spare time to write, or accomplish much of anything besides work. We’re all on pins and needles in anticipation of the Big Game Sunday night!

Warmest wishes and Season’s Greetings, Kim

P.S. Results of Sunday night’s game: CONGRATULATIONS VIKINGS, the new Division Three North Massachusetts State Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rockport Vikings 1, St.Mary’s, Lynn 0. Wednesday’s game against the winning southern region state champs will be held in Quincy at 5:00 pm. GO VIKINGS!

A Note About Amaryllis

Living in New England the year round, with our tiresomely long winter stretching miles before us, and then a typically late and fugitive, fleeting spring, we can become easily wrapped in those winter-blues. Fortunately for garden-makers, our thoughts give way to winter scapes of bare limbs and berries, Gold Finches and Cardinals, and plant cat-alogues to peruse. If you love to paint and write about flowers as do I, winter is a splendid time of year for both, as there is hardly any time devoted to the garden during colder months. I believe if we cared for a garden very much larger than ours, I would accomplish little of either writing or painting, for maintaining it would require just that much more time and energy.

Coaxing winter blooms is yet another way to circumvent those late winter doldrums. Most of us are familiar with the ease in which amaryllis (Hippeastrum) bulbs will bloom indoors. Placed in a pot with enough soil to come to the halfway point of the bulb, and set on a warm radiator, in several week’s time one will be cheered by the sight of a spring-green, pointed-tipped flower stalk poking through the inner layers of the plump brown bulbs. The emerging scapes provide a welcome promise with their warm-hued blossoms, a striking contrast against the cool light of winter.

Perhaps the popularity of the amaryllis is due both to their ease in cultivation and also for their ability to dazzle with colors of sizzling orange, clear reds and apple blossom pink. My aunt has a friend whose family has successfully cultivated the same bulb for decades. For continued success with an amaryllis, place the pot in the garden as soon as the weather is steadily warm. Allow the plant to grow through the summer, watering and fertilizing regularly. In the late summer or early fall and before the first frost, separate the bulb from the soil and store the bulb, on its side, in a cool dry spot—an unheated basement for example. The bulb should feel firm and fat again, not at all mushy. After a six-week rest, the amaryllis bulb is ready to re-pot and begin its blooming cycle again.  Excerpt Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities! ~ Coaxing Winter Blooms.


                                            Amaryllis ‘Orange Sovereign

Check Out Kim Smith’s Blog Here

Two Missing Lab Puppies- Back Home Safe!!!! A GMG Update

Rebecca Borden writes in-

Thanks so much – the pups somehow found their way home last night on their own at 1:30am

All is good.


Two lab pups went missing Monday night after they ran off Good Harbor Beach towards the Inn.  They are regulars of the beach but not the neighborhood. One is Black (F-Stella, 1yr) and the other is Choc (M-Chester, 8mo). They have tags and reflective collars.
Many thanks for all your assistance.
Rebecca Borden
Gloucester MA


Tuffy Says “That’s No Baby Lobster”

Tuffy writes in-

I saw the (lobster) toby brought in on your website. The old timers used to call them snow lobsters but that probably isn’t the real sceintific name for them.  They only get that big and they are not the same as the lobsters we are catching.  It takes a keen eye to see them and ONLY after a really big blow.  The last time Hussey and I spotted a couple on the rail was after  91′ storm.  They burrow deep in the mud tunnels. tuf

that was a rare find

Coast Guard 47 Foot Motor Lifeboat Compilation

Here’s another one

Check out the one that North Shore Waterman Doug Maxfield posted a couple of weeks ago-


This one was released yesterday-

Provincetown, Mass. – The National Motor Lifeboat School conducts training with Coast Guard Station Provincetown Nov. 11-12, 2010.

This is the first time the National Motor Lifeboat School has conducted training on the East coast.

U.S. Coast Guard Video by Petty Officer 3rd Class James Rhodes.

Re-Use Your Coffee Cup Sleeve Eight Times For A Free Cup ‘o Joey


It’s rather brilliant.  Instead of wasting your coffee sleeve every time you get a coffee, they made it part of the customer loyalty and promotional campaign to save waste.

I love it when there’s a win/win you can take part in.