ART, ROCKS! 11/13/2010

My Fathers family grew up here way back in the 20’s-40’s.

Alot of Sicilian families grew up here.

can you find it?

do you know where this is?

drawn and left at 8:45am 11/13/2010


  • Well shoot I check in late on a Saturday and miss it again. I know exactly where it is, you saw me fall out of my kayak right below it. Someone has to have grabbed it by now.

    I’m going to start clicking early in the morning on a Saturday as I see a pattern here so I can confiscate one of these art rocks and hold it for ransom.


  • This is easy it’s the Fort Sq. Park below Skull Hill , all my grandkids and kids played in this area and beached near by for many years.My father and mother came from Boston with their families and settle here. As a boy we watched the Ground Fireworks displays fired off from here, fished and swam off the pump station wharf which is no more,but now stands a wounderful park for all to enjoy. Pasted by for over 50 years on fishing trips to local waters and 200 miles to deep waters always feeling glad to be back and seeing children playing here below skull hill.


  • Of course I know where that is 🙂


  • I found it!!! Hey Paul & Joey – sorry for the late response…I actually found the art rock last Saturday evening and have been busy trying to deliver a proper ‘Thank you’ to you both. I have been watching all summer and coveting each and every rock that has been found…and now I am the proud owner of one!!!!
    I am a teacher at Gloucester High and we were just talking about oral history and how important it is in our culture. My 9th grade Honors class worked on poems and I wanted to share some with you. Joey – please know how much your efforts inspire and motivate those in our fair city. Paul – my student’s were teasing me, they could not believe how excited I was for finding this beautiful piece of art work! I am so blessed to look at the Paint Factory every day and now this rock will travel with me and the story with it. Thank you!
    Okay, so here are some of the poems – I am not sure how much room you have to share but they were all inspired by both of you!

    Gloucester sails
    The shoreline like memories
    Salty breezes float through lace stars
    White waves collapse against the seaweed-sheltered rocks
    Shadows of innocent children and their ignorant, naĂŻve minds amble
    Tragedies new and aged, reminiscing of the past, tears fall glaringly, leisurely
    Generation of the young commence to lose their once high, amorous faith
    Walk on a vacant path with no end, ceaselessly falling
    White and sapphire draped over her judicious head
    Loneliness is the most terrible poverty
    Snow melting into sun
    Cherished and forever known.

    -Anna Gray

    Gloucester fishes
    Scenery like a postcard
    Fresh lobster with salty air
    Old timers with tales of their childhood and the olden days
    Searching for sea shells; Building pretty sand castles; Swimming in the waves
    Moving on to high school; hoping I can find my way around
    Running, searching, standing alone, no one can be found anywhere
    Weathered skin from the sun; cooking something perfect
    Check your heart, then go decide
    Giant waves crashing down
    Gloucester tells of a place far better than on a postcard

    ~Autumn Zubricki
    Gloucester breeze
    Island, surrounded by sea
    smell of fish, taste of salt.
    Waves crashing along the beach, oblivious seagulls screech.
    On a summers day, all the kids come out to play.
    “Almost there”! We both say, paddling to the greasy pole, each day.
    Tired and breathless, we climb the ladder, we made it, laughter.
    Friends and family aboard the ship, sailing away, I’m left.
    Strong and happy, full of life and love.
    Dream hard, work hard, live easy.
    Smiles from the sun.
    Gloucester Breeze

    ~ Samatha Russell
    Gloucester crashes
    Horizon a glass bottle
    Sour scent of fish and pizza
    Seagulls cawing; familiar greetings; the sea breeze whistles
    Eccentric sorts with carrying personalities; not one just like another
    Little sister comes home. I am diagnosed with middle child syndrome
    Dog comes into house. She pees on the floor
    Trapped in school overnight. No way out. Plus monster.
    Huge glasses; tight Just Keep Dancing sweatshirt; carries pencil
    If you don’t imagine, nothing happens
    Breeze changes with the seasons.
    Ocean splashes, crashing violently against rocks.
    ~Kacie Quinn
    Gloucester fishing
    Waves crashing waves thrashing
    Fishy fresh salty and crisp
    Gusts of wind blowing right in
    Strange woman who takes her dog to look for rocks
    Catching a blue fish wanting an hour on the clock
    Waiting for that fish to come in, starting to grin
    Giving up is never a win
    Lightning, thunder, windy rain
    Come to Gloucester and feel the pain
    ~ Matt Lane
    Gloucester glooms
    Peninsula like a cocoon
    Fish drying, the smell of business
    Seagulls squawk, church bells you can’t possibly miss
    Hardworking citizens, but not all quite exactly equal at heart
    Born elsewhere, but brought back soon right after, not to again depart
    Watched as he left out the door, assured he would return again
    Swiftly taken away against my will by dreadful, unfaithful men
    Standing tall, with stance shaped like a C
    Laid back’s the way to be
    Fluctuating weather is unpredictable
    Gloucester’s like copper; it’s easily conductible

    ~ Kenneth Wheeler


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