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Greg Bover Shows How An Organ Is Designed At C. B. Fisk Part I

This is part of a multi part video series we will run this week in anticipation of the Saturday Nov 13th Open House in which the public is invited to play the organ and see the masterpiece in person.

For more information-

My Sunday afternoon adventure to ” Heath’s Tea Room” in Rockport Ma

I headed out Sunday around noon to check out Mike O’Connell’s new place in Rockport called Heath’s Tea Room. Very rarely do I go off like that on my own unless it is for live music and almost always there is someone to connect with so I’m never really alone.

Down the road and right past the tea room I went. While looking for a place to turn around I spotted three enormous turkeys strutting around on the side walk about two blocks away from my destination. Those turkeys were huge and could care less about the cars and people around taking their pictures. There was a couple from out of town that had some pretty nice cameras doing there thing while I was there trying to get the best shot I could possibly get with my little Nokia cell phone camera. Seems like the camera should be in the car at all times now. You never know what kind of photo opportunity you will come across. All I could think about was how awesome this was and boy I wondered if they would taste good. I have seen wild turkeys that look like they were starved to death but not these.

Anyway, off to Heath’s Tea Room. When entering the establishment I was greeted by this lovely woman with a beautiful smile, soft spoken and friendly. I told her of my excitement about the turkeys and she mentioned that they had been there earlier and had to be shooed away and that they can be quite aggressive with people and cars. After that I was asked where I would like to be seated by the waitress who was just as friendly as the hostess, who happens to be Mike O’Connell’s wife Kim. I thought that Kim looked familiar because I had been introduced before when running into her and Mike a few years ago.

The Tea room is simply elegant. One would feel like they entered into the past. Bright and cozy. There is very nice trimmed wood paneling and crown molding around the room.Tin type ceiling with exposed beams.Very nice hardwood floors. Also it is decorated with vintage style antiques. Sweet little sugar bowls with fancy sugar tongs. Fancy table clothes with nice cut work. Soft music playing in the background. I was soaking it all in as I sat by the window, just in case the turkeys would reappear. Being torn between the quiche, roast turkey with stuffing and the shepherd’s pie. The quiche won out and I can always go back to try the others. I ordered the Decaf Ceylon Breakfast tea and the quiche.  It was so relaxing while sipping on the tea and the quiche was delicious.

After eating I asked for a menu to go and got a business card because I had to tell everyone about this sweet place. No wonder Mike was so excited about it. Now, when I hear him do his English accent the Tea room will come to mind even more. I told Kim who I was and that Mike had told me all about the business and she said well, we are going pay Mike a visit and away we went downstairs to the kitchen were Mike O’Connell and his father in law Brian Heath were very busy preparing food. Mike stopped his work and come over and gave me a big hug and thanked me for coming down. There were smiles all around. I have nothing but happy thoughts about going there and think that you will too!

Here is a link to Heath’s Tea Room. Enjoy, hope you get to go there and really enjoy it. Plus some photo’s of “The Three Amigo’s”,  turkeys.

Jo-Anne Castano Forwards Links To Lobstering and Quarry Working in the the 30’s in Gloucester and Rockport

Hi Joey,

I just remembered these so went searching and thought you might like them.   These are from The Library of Congress, American Memory.

If you do a search for "Gor Svenson" you’ll find about 7 web pages of oral history.  I copied down some excerpts below to give you an idea of the stories from the WPA era, living in Glouceter and Rockport. It is a record of a series of interviews with a Swedish-born American who was for most of his adult years a quarry-worker in Gloucester (Bay View and Lanesville) and Rockport, Massachusetts and who is now (then) engaged in lobstering. (1938)  How much has changed since then?  Stories are flavorfully Cape Ann.

Goes along with today’s events, Lookin’ For the Sunny Side of the Stree – America’s 1930’s in Gloucester.


Also provided a link to the photography archives containing 503 records such as the one below.

There are images of,

digitized item thumbnail

On board the fishing boat Alden out of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Vito Gioclone, fisherman of Gloucester
1943 June. | 1 negative | Parks, Gordon, 1912-2006

digitized item thumbnail #gallery owi2001030379/PP

On board the fishing boat Alden out of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Vito Gioclone. Gloucester, Massachusetts
1943 June. | 1 negative | Parks, Gordon, 1912-2006

digitized item thumbnail #gallery owi2001029492/PP

Gloucester, Massachusetts. Gaspar Favozza, son of an Italian-American fisherman
1943 May. | 1 negative | Parks, Gordon, 1912-2006

Lobster traps stacked in an old net house. Gloucester, Massachusetts

Lobster traps stacked in an old net house. Gloucester, Massachusetts

  • Title: Lobster traps stacked in an old net house. Gloucester, Massachusetts
  • Creator(s): Parks, Gordon, 1912-2006, photographer
  • Date Created/Published: 1943 June.
  • Medium: 1 negative : safety ; 4 x 5 inches or smaller.
  • Part of: Farm Security Administration – Office of War Information Photograph Collection (Library of Congress)
  • Reproduction Number: LC-USW3-031669-C (b&w film neg.)
  • Rights Advisory: No known restrictions. For information, see U.S. Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information Black & White Photographs(

Other images of Gloucester, MA search 844 results containing "gloucester" :

American Life Histories: Manuscripts from the Federal Writers’ Project, 1936-1940

Open Door Holiday Baskets To Help Feed The Needy


Help The Open Door this Thanksgiving

You can donate a Holiday Basket for just $25
Each basket contains all the fixings to prepare a family feast this holiday season.

You can donate a Holiday Basket in honor of or in memory of someone you love.

Make check payable to The Open Door, 28 Emerson Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930 or visit

Andrews Point Penguin Cafe Orchestra

From Paul Morrison

Filmed this morning off Andrews Point with an iPhone. Counted off 2 minutes, 36 seconds to match my audio of “Music For a Found Harmonium” by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. My fixation for this piece of music now seems fitting since there were three different types of Alcid arctic birds swimming about in these waves.

256 days until the 25th Blackburn Challenge paddlers and rowers will be going from left to right.

Barry O’Brien Gertrude L. Thebaud Video

Barry O’Brien writes-

This is part of a unique museum exhibit at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum in Essex, MA. I produced this video using photographs from the Museum’s collection, video I shot of archived issues Gloucester Times Newspapers, kindly made available by the Sawyer Public Library, and one 16mm newsreel. My goal was to bring the history of the Thebaud alive for children and adults, as well using only the assets stored away in the Museum’s collection.