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Sam Hartson’s Celebrate Gloucester Trailer Featuring Your Boy Joey


You inspired me to make this trailer today, and I’m glad you did; no one can better expression the passion that citizens have for Gloucester like you can. It’s for the release party specifically which, as you know, is next thursday, 11/11. I hope your fans enjoy this, and I hope they come to the screening and/or get a copy of the DVD.
Celebrate Gloucester was important (and successful) in raising money for the charity to benefit the city, but furthermore the concert was an important event for the city as a community. It brought a lot of people together for a great cause and showcased some incredible homegrown talent and great food. The film takes it to another level, sort of immortalizing it for the history books as a milestone; a point in time where the city and it’s residents came together to grow as a society and a community for the better.

Thanks, see you on the 11th!
Sam Hartson

Weekend Picks From Your Boy Joey, The Chamber of Commerce and the North Shore Blogger Consortium

Friday Nov 5th

Rockport Music Presents the Grace Kelly Quintet With Opening Act: The Polygroove Orchestra Nov 5th


Friday Night Under The Lights GHS Football at Revere


Saturday Nov 6th

Minglewood Tavern Opening Party Featuring Joey’s Hop Skip and Go Naked Served In Mason Jars!


Present Opening


Georges By Night Event Featuring Encore Performance By Chelsea Berry Nov 6th


Sunday Nov 7th

ROCKPORT MUSIC Wine Tasting and Jazz on the Rocks


The Weekly Catch From The Chamber of Commerce


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An Interesting 1973 Chevy Monte Carlo Ad Shot in Gloucester!

Gloucester has been recently highlighted as the backdrop for many things commercial, including The Amazing Race. Has this always been the case? Check out this ad for the 1973 Chevy Monte Carlo. As you can see the backdrop is the lovely Good Harbor Beach. Chevy gave this bad boy RADIAL TIRES and AN EXTERIOR THAT REFLECTS THE SOPHISTICATION WITHIN! GO AMERICA!

Wait a second????? That guy in the ad looks familiar. I had to investigate further. Wait…. Lets go to the zoom feature. Wow.. It’s no other than our boy Joey C. Definitely makes me question his published age.

Saturday, November 6 – Concert in the Gallery with Claudia Nygaard! Time & Tide Fine Art

Saturday, November 6 – Concert in the Gallery with Claudia Nygaard!

Time & Tide Fine Art

4 Market Street, Ipswich


978 238 8848

Join us for an intimate concert experience

with Nashville recording and touring artist Claudia Nygaard.


Claudia Nygaard’s long legs hang over both sides of that same fence between country and folk music that Guy Clark and John Prine have straddled. Her sound is acoustic, and while her songs find their roots and rhythms in the Americana storytelling tradition, the melodies are passionate and emotional. A former Music Row staff writer, and Kerrville “NewFolk” songwriting competition winner, Claudia crafts songs that range from heartfelt to humorous, and she does so with a quick wit, an articulate point of view, and vivid imagery. She is an engaging performer with a sensual alto voice.

Suggested donation $15

Seating is limited… arrive early and have a nibble before the concert begins!

“Completely at ease on stage, Claudia had fun with her audience,

telling stories and adding personal glimpses into her life.”

Music Connection Magazine, Los Angeles, CA

Doug Silva has some news for tonight @ The Topside Grill


Hey everyone,

I have a great night going on at the Topside Grill tonight!!! We are having a launch party for our new fall/winter cocktail menu. All new drinks (white peach Bellini, blueberry pie, Johnny Appleseed, peanut amaretto martini, $5 Margarita and more) all only $5-$6!! Also launching our new $5 appetizer menu from 8-10pm (usually available from 4-6 mon-Friday and during Pats games). I also have Topside favorite Ryan Faraday playing till close! Party starts at 8:00 tonight, hope to see you there!!


Doug Silva
Topside Grill
50 Rogers St.
Gloucester, MA
(978) 281-1399

Adding a calendar…

There are 3 calendars currently available – Cape Ann, Magnolia, and Good Harbor. I’m thinking of adding one more this year if there is enough interest.

Please indicate your preferences on the poll below. You can choose as many as you want. I’ll let you know what the results show. Thanks for your help! —Sharon

New addition To The GMG Free Cape Ann WiFi Map

Sandy Farrell sends In a new Cape Ann location which offers free WiFi to add to the GMG Free Cape Ann WiFi map– Family Car Care.

Click the Map to go to the interactive map to see the places around town we’ve discovered so far and send in any that you deem missing from our list.


Chickity Check It! Commercial Fishers: Atlantic Cod


I saw some of the Fishing company posters on MonkeyFists site

You ought to check out the Commercial Fishers:Atlantic Cod pictures from Gloucester’s fishing industry in the 1800’s.

Here is but a small portion of their site.  Click this link to see all the rest of the pictures and stories

A Terrible Mortality

Gloucester’s dependence on the North Atlantic meant a close acquaintance with tragedy and death. “The history of the Gloucester fisheries has been written in tears,” wrote an anonymous reporter in 1876.

Between 1866 and 1890, more than 380 schooners and 2,450 Gloucester men never returned from the fishing grounds. In a single storm on August 24, 1873, nine Gloucester vessels and 128 fishermen were lost. In 1865, community members formed the Gloucester Fisherman’s and Seaman’s Widows and Orphan’s Aid Society Fund to help fishermen’s families.

Widows’ Home

This house was built for fishermen’s widows in Gloucester around 1870. It had ten apartments of three rooms each. Rent for each apartment was $3 per month.

“When will the slaughter cease?”

In 1882, Capt. Joseph Collins asked this question in Gloucester’s newspaper, the Cape Ann Weekly Advertiser. Too many fishermen perished at sea, and Collins and others lobbied for new schooner designs featuring deeper, more stable hulls and sail plans that didn’t require a long bowsprit, the spar that projected forward from the bow.