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Ski Industry Nominated Film of the Year ‘The Way I See It’ Screening At Rockport High

Gary Porter Writes-

Hey Joe-

First off, I’m slowly embracing the world of Technology…and have been paging down your blog for the past hour or so. GOOD STUFF, real good stuff Joe!! Congrats on your work!

I am excited to let you know, and to let your thousands of viewers know, that we have a world class Film event happening in Rockport on November 19th. The award winning Film maker, Matchstick Productions, Inc., in conjunction with the Rockport Middle School Ski Club is screening its 2010 release ‘The Way I See It’ on the 19th, at 7:30 pm, at Rockport High’s Auditorium (doors open at 6:30). This film, already nominated for the Ski Industry Film of the Year, was shot on Mountainside’s around the world and captures the best skiers in the industry skiing unimaginable slopes in incredibly beautiful territories. Shown in High Definition format and surround sound, it promises to make for an enjoyable evening. Most importantly, we have kept the pricing down for everyone to be able to afford it….$10 adults and $5 for students under 14.

Proceeds from the Screening will go to benefit the RMS Ski Club, offsetting costs for the season and making access to the sport available to students otherwise unable to afford it.

Here’s a trailer-

Hope to see you and the Family there, and thanks for the help in getting the word out!!

Gary Porter

Sargent House Museum Restoration Under Way!

Sargent House Museum

Joe Nap

Joseph Napolitano
Replacing Sill

Work is underway on the restoration of the Museum’s exterior.
In this photo, general contractor Joseph Napolitano, of NAPCO, Inc., is replacing a sill on the building’s north side.  In the coming weeks, other carpentry repairs and structural work will be completed.
The building is prepped and primed and ready for a new coat of paint.
Partial funding for this project is provided by the Massachusetts Cultural Council through its Cultural Facilities Fund and the Tower Family Funds.
Donations welcome.  This is a big project!!

Sargent House Museum

49 Middle Street Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930


Justin Quinn to Host Dave Saves Blues Party Thursday Night @ The Rhumb Line







Nov. 4, 2010

Eeny meeny mighty mofo,  see this band but don’t eat tofu, if it gasses let it go, eeny meeny maybe go. If you don’t , you may possibly be insane, or , at best, a Republican. You may wake up in the rehab ward of Addison Gilbert and Sullivan Hospital, feeling homicidal just cuz you heard about it later…
These guys, these katz, are really sumphin’, a virtual spin-cycle of da blooz in it’s many configurations; I should know… I played with dese guys last Sunday, and I’m still lickin’ my wounded brainstem. Looks just like the Tingler, only wavin’ a white flag.
So, allow me to introduce Mr. Justin Quinn, Harmonicat, vogelizer, and frontman. Dives  deep into the Well of  Souls. Knows his stuff. He’s bringin’ some of my favorite guys with him. Like Per (pronounced “pear”) Hanson, drumblistipus octopi, and Jon Ross, on gritar. Both these guys have toured with James Cotton, Ronnie Earl, and Duke Robillard. They are scary good or “sick”, as Mark Earley says. He may even show up to see for hisself. Of course, Greg T. and his hat will be there,  and me, too, hiding behind the yellow police tape. Cut off your toetag and make it down while you still can.

Here is a sample of Justin Quinn. The joint will be rockin.

Chaos Inspired Art by Deb Clarke

Gloucester Sketchbook Project Update;

from deb clarke;

down your street dancing on the Kamchitka.  the volcanoes went kablooey yesterday, and the volcanoes in indonesia blew up a few days before.

yes, art really happens in this happy chaos.