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GMG T Shirts For Sale For The Holidays

Paulie Frontiero will be printing up GMG Logo T-Shirts for sale for holiday presents

Short Sleeve- $15

Long Sleeve- $17

Sweatshirts- $25

shipping $2.99

easy- peasy holiday shopping for the true GMG lover right here

send an email to for ordering information and to help support the cause

You can also order Sharon’s Calendars here



Joey’s Holiday Photos here

Go Celtics!

We don’t cover too many Boston sport here since we have our local teams, but you have to be a fan of our current Boston Celtics. The big 3 are fun to watch and simply good people. They continue to bring it every night, except a few nights so they don’t get injured and are ready for the playoffs. You can also argue that after 24 assists on Friday night, Rajon Rondo makes it the big 4. Shaq in Boston is also pure entertainment. Check him posing as a statue in Harvard Square.

Lets stay healthy this year, beat Lebron yet again on the way to the championship and BEAT LA!

My 3 year old getting pumped for the championship last year.

Lets not let my little one down this year

Lets not let my little one down this year


Lawrence Peter Berra Quote of the Week From Greg Bover

November 3, 2010
Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.
Lawrence Peter Berra 1925-

click the picture to check out Yogi’s wikipedia page

Yogi Berra was one of the greatest catchers of all time, even if he was a Yankee. The three-time MVP also managed World Series winners in both leagues. Because of his extraordinary gift for malapropism and tautology he is often the target of misattribution. As he put it in his 1998 book, “I Didn’t Really Say Everything I Said.” 

Greg Bover

Gregory R. Bover

The Big Fish from deb clarke

This is The Big Fish (a blue faced cichlid we named ‘fat boy’) that hangs in our long narrow hallway.  The painting is oil with mixed media on linen, painted in 1995.  We had a 35 gallon fish tank.  This Big Boy ate every other fish in the tank, including several crayfish, then grew to an amazing size.  sometimes i think to sell this, several people have ‘tried it out’ on their wall, for a few years it was displayed at The Bookstore on Main Street in Gloucester.  Now, I say hello to Fat Boy everytime i hang a coat, store a painting, or head to the downstairs laundry.  
Contact Deb Clarke for available Paintings at:
or at:

Author Sally Goldenbaum Talks Gloucester and New Mystery Book A Holiday Yarn

Sally talks about Gloucester and a whole ton of Gloucester references in her new mystery “A Holiday Yarn”

Sally will be reading and signing her new book “A Holiday Yarn,” this Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Rockport Library.

You can check out Sally Goldenbaum’s website and blog here

The blog portion of her site can be accessed by clicking the tab labeled “Sally’s Porch”.  My guess is that 95% of the people that go to her site probably never knew she had a blog that was attached to her site because they didn’t know that the “Sally’s Porch” tab is what would land you there.  A more appropriate label for that tab would probably be “blog” or “Sally’s Blog”.