Elyssa East Author Dogtown: Death and Enchantment In A New England Ghost Town Part III

Here is the final installment of the Elyssa East GMG Interview.

In this segment we talk about publishing in 2010- the challenges and opportunities presented with new media distribution.

We also talk about the need for the independent book store and what they offer that digital media can’t.

you can check out The DogtownTheBook website here-



  • Nice. Elyssa is such a genuine women. I very much enjoyed meeting her here at the distillery. I hope everyone takes the opportunity to meet her at a signing. Good job and best wishes to all on this one. Also, I’m glad there was a moment the “real” Joey popped out with his excitement instead of the whole event being the “Alistar Cooke, Masterpiece Theater” Joey.


  • Terrific set of interviews, Joey. It was great to get to know the Elyssa Ely a little bit. I agree with Bob, she comes across as very genuine in the interview and respectful of Gloucester residents in the book. Thanks Joey for bringing this to GMG.

    The book is well written. I am enjoying every word. I’ve lived in the area for decades, but haven’t spent any time in Dogtown. Will definitely go there sometime.


  • Started the book yesterday afternoon and am half way through — very, very compulsively readable. Thanks.


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